DATE                                      05.02.07

DISTANCE                            ABOUT 4.5 MILES

WEATHER                            DRY BUT COOL


For today’s wander we would be using a walking route that we had found whilst mooching through  an old booklet that I had been given, like most books with walking routes in them for Northumberland it had the same old rehash of walks that could be found on most of the other Northumberland walking books, (not that there are that many) I think that there must be a shortage of people getting out and submitting walks or the publisher just can’t be arsed to find and publish any more about Northumberland who knows ?………..anyway we had a different area to walk today so things where looking good , we would be heading up to Alnmouth , a place where we had almost got to on several occasions but never actually managed to get into the village / town , Well  today we would be starting there  and if all went well finishing our walk there . Of course we both knew Alnmouth, my Better half Yvonne had worked there before she joined the WRENS some years before (seems like a life time ago) and believe it or not we had our wedding reception there as well (that also seemed like a life time ago ……where do the years go?). So we found ourselves sorting the gear out and chatting about where we had our reception and got thinking could we call in as we past it or do we go anywhere near the place or should we call in for a drink at the end of the walk, calling in for a drink at the end of the walk seemed the best and so with that decision made we threw the gear into the car and off we went.

Parking was in Alnmouth itself by the golf course / club house, there is plenty of spaces dotted around and a few car parks, we of course had a blue badge so we didn’t have to pay (I like free parking) and so once we got our boots on and gear sorted we headed off down to the beach where we would start our walk.

Our route started on the beach at Alnmouth from there we headed round to the mouth of the bay and headed upstream , it seemed strange looking across the bay towards Church point and it’s  cross rather than standing at the cross looking towards Alnmouth , from there we followed the stream up to the road bridge where we crossed over the river and headed into Hipsburn where due to some fantastic navigation we found the footpath that took us towards Lesbury where we once again crossed back over the river then it was a case of following the riverside path back towards Alnmouth , after a while we cut up a seriously steep bank and crossed over a road then headed off to the Golf club at Foxton hall from there our route took us back down to the coastline and we headed back down the beach to Alnmouth . We walked about 4.5  miles most of it very easy going.

A few photos:

Looking towards some of the old buildings and the golf green


Looking down on to the beach

Now walking along the beach heading up the river

My better half Yvonne having a pose with the river Aln heading out to sea


Looking across the river down the bay


Looking across towards the cross at Church point


Looking at the “harbour masters hut”


The mud flats


A bit further along, the tide is out at the moment otherwise it would be full of water


A couple of horses


Looking back towards church point


Looking across the river Aln


Now on the path heading to the bridge where we cross over the river



On the bridge looking upstream


Early snowdrops


Yvonne with the map book

Looking back towards Lesbury


Me heading down to the river watched by some swans


Big swans


Looking back along the river


Swans in flight


Now heading up the bank looking down at the river


Same again but a bit further up


Taken at max zoom looking at what could be a small land slide


Back on the beach at Marden rocks?


Me trying to walk amongst the rocks


Still trying to walk without falling or tripping


Looking back


Looking down the beach our way back


Last rays of the sun for today


Day after thoughts:

I had no real problems today, with arty leg or my stump breaking down, however I was Sorley tempted to get my hiking poles out when we got back on the rocky section of the beach , I really did find this bit hard , there was something about the rocks that I found very hard to walk over / round / between ..something that I will have to practise on I think ………….but the good news is I didn’t fall so I will put this down as a success …………….sadly we both forgot about going back to the hotel and didn’t realise till we was several miles away on our way back home .

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