DATE                                18.05.2010

DISTANCE                        5.6 MILES

WEATHER                       BRIGHT AND DRY



A circuit around Barrowburn

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and just know that today is going to be a good day, I had been at work for what seemed to be a life time and missed the weekend so today Tuesday I was going to make up for it.

I wasn’t planning to go to far something around 5 miles or so, my skin on my stump had started to show signs of breaking down  so I didn’t want make matters worse , but one look at the blue sky told me get out ,

I decided to do a little circuit around Barrowburn, I must admit I do love walking around this area it holds some very good memories for me, there is a bit of all types of terrain, so I could if I wanted to turn this walk into a bit of a training exercise.

I mean it can never hurt to get in a bit of practise up or down hill can it?

Any way the walk:

I parked up at the old school house at Wedders Leap and headed up the road towards Barrowburn, there is a foot bridge opposite which will lead you up to the farm at Barrowburn, but I like to walk a couple of hundred meters along the road just to get settled into the leg before I go off road if I can .from there I cut through the farm following the footpath along the side of Lounges Knowe, along the Hepden Burn then cutting up the side of Kyloe Shin, the views as you climb really are good nothing dramatic , but special in there own way , from there I entered the very edge of the huge Kidland forest , still staying on the path went up Middle Hill and back down coming to the end of the forest , from here it was a slow climb up the Middle .which gives a lovely view of the Uswayford valley .

The footpath at this point splits up and head off in all directions, I have used this route on countless times and never get tired of it.

However my self imposed limit had me heading back now  back down towards the Hepden Burn then for a short section I joined the track past the Trows plantation past Murder Cleugh , from there I joined what must be some of the best walking conditions ever , it’s a lovely grass track , its marked as the border county ride , but I have never seen a bike on here, the grass is always green and short  , I wish my front lawn was as good as this , the views on the way back are even better, and the grass has that cushioning effect which makes it easy to walk on even for tired feet (or in my case foot) and then before you know it you are on Barrow law looking back down towards Barrowburn and unfortunately the end of the walk .

A few photos from today

First photo looking up the river Coquet towards Barrowburn

At the farm at Barrowburn looking up the Hepden burn


 Looking back towards the Old school house & car park


Just past Lounges Knowe My way forward


Leaving the Hepden burn valley and starting to head up Kyloe Shin


Looking back down the valley

Yours truly doing the best brucie I can (I took this photo myself using the timer function I took about 10 till I finally sussed it out and got it right the first half dozen where showing my back as a hobbled into position ) yeah I’m a bit stupid at times


Some finch (bull?) thinking that I was going to feed it, they really are quite tame.

Quick look over the other side of the ridge towards Fairhaugh, not my route for today ,I will if I can ever catch up with my back log do a trip report on it one day


Taken as I am just about to exit Kidland forest


Up on the Middle looking back down


The Uswayford valley



My way down (as you can see the foot path splits up and heads off in all directions)


Another shot of this valley


Looking back towards Hazely Law




Now on the track by the Trows Plantation (looking back)

Taken on the border county ride looking back

The way ahead towards Barrow Law


A quick look back it never fails to surprise me how quick and easy it is to walk along here


All too quickly the end of this walk is in sight, first view of barrowburn




Getting closer, in the summer months these meadows are awash with colour as they are hay meadows it’s a relatively new thing up here, but well worth a trip to see.



Looking up the Coquet Valley

Back at the burn crossing point


Mum and family they aren’t bothered about me


 Walking back towards the car along the river bank


This farm has a small tea room and is well worth a visit, and for any one outside the area they also do the camping barn /huts.

I have never stayed there myself but I have friends who have and speak very highly of it


This is for me a magic walk ….cheviot hills at there best.

Thank you.

One Photo of the meadows when they are at there best

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