DATE                             30.03,2014

DISTANCE                     6.5 MILES

WEATHER                    GREY & DAMP


Odrus @ Allen banks

Todays walk was going to be with that wonderful bunch (is that the right word) of people from the Facebook ODRUS walking group,

Regular readers (all three of you) will know that I have been out with them a few times and each time I have had a brilliant day and haven’t felt that my walking problems have  caused them too much inconvenience or if I  have they have been far to polite to say anything , the reason I even mention this by way of a open reply to the recent e mail’s  I have been getting from other people who have the odd problem with there mobility , I guess its all about getting in with the right group of people who are basically after what you are after ………….a good day out walking someplace with good company , I know that my days of bagging x amount of mountains summits  in x amount of time are over and so I looked for other people who wasn’t interested in bagging  x amount of mountain summit ………….yeah you get the idea ..I’m not say they couldn’t but the whole point of this bit is to pick what, where & who you are going out with for the day so there are no surprises and lastly be open and honest with your walking companions, when I met this group I more or less rammed the fact that I was one legged down there throats before we even met up and asked about possible problems  that way there was none of those s embarrassing  looks or questions so   …………………as my boss used to say just do it !  I am certain that there are a lot of good people out there that would make you feel welcome like I was, lastly if you live up in the northeast and fancy it drop me a line.

Right that’s my civic duty done lets get back to the walk.

As normal I turned up early at the meeting point , the fact that the clocks had been buggered about with the night before didn’t help , but I like to get to the meeting place before anyone as it gives me time to sort any problems out with my Arty leg  before the rest arrive . However I hade barely got out of the car and Beryl pulled up, I have been out walking with Beryl several times and had brilliant days, she is one of those gems who just by being there make a good day a great day however I made a mental note to always turn up at least half an hour before the agreed meeting time when going out walking with her just so she isn’t hanging around for example if it’s a 09:00 start get there at 08:30.


After a chat and …………dare I say it a moan about the parking fee of £4.00 of my hard earned pounddoolies the rest of the gang started to drift in, I should mention that I don’t really mind paying the parking fee because at least they keep the place tidy and provide tables / benches and most importantly of all there are clean toilets here, well the gents are clean I don’t know what the ladies are like.

Introductions where made, various noises where made about the route…….. which I think was lets play it by ear and see what happens and off we went, for the most part it was easy walking but there was some serious mud to splodge and plodge threw and a couple of very wet and slippery down hill bits that might have caused me a few problems and now that I do think about it I don’t know why they didn’t cause me too many problems.


I guess I just took my time and didn’t try to rush things  then of course there was that long uphill bit up to Stewards Peel that almost killed me ,(in fact it might have)  I think that my lungs stopped working on about the forth step and by the time I finally made the top my head had gone from bright red to purple and to be honest I don’t think I even knew I had made it until I had stopped and spent several minutes puffing like a beached whale then slowly as my vision cleared a great sense of relief swept over me as I realised yeah I’m at the top (how unfit am I ?)


Anyway our route was (see map) high level route from the car park past the summer house .


Drop down to Plankey Mill , cross over the river Allen and play silly buggers for a while .



Follow the river then cut up (and more up) to Stewards Peel where I think I died fortunately we all had lunch so I could try to regain my breath and what’s left of my dignity  then following a well used path down and over the Harsondale burn back up again , across to Sillywrea farm where we saw some new born lambs from there it was back down to Plankey Mill over the river then the riverside path back to the car park .

The weather despite my efforts and appeals to the weather gods was “murky” at its best to damp and miserable at its worse, we did about 6.53 miles with about 1305 ft. of the ups and down, a very enjoyable day thank you all concerned.

As normal a few photos and a few that my friends took enjoy.

Setting off along the high path


Looking down towards the river Allen


Not really sure why this happened


But it seemed to be the done thing


Beverley having a quick read at the summer house (or is she just looking at the pictures)


Still not much of a view, the sun did try to get out (so I was told)


Looking down


Looking back up at this unnamed water run off the path followed this down


At the bottom looking back up


Haven’t got a clue what this is called (Hoods burn?)


On the bridge at Plankey Mill looking upstream, we follow this for a while


Looking back downstream

Entering the woods


Looking down at the river

Looking towards the closed off section, there is a small diversion in the trees around this bit


A couple more photos of the river


Hello Beryl


Looking at what I think is the Harsondale burn


Heading up towards Staward Peel


Still heading up, I think that my lungs had stopped working at this point


A bit of the old ruin


Notice board (just in case you didn’t know where you was)


The well used path heading away


Looking at what could have been a good view


The gang setting an easy pace


A few photos showing what would have been a brilliant view


Heading off across the fields in brilliant sunlight (just kidding about the sun)

Taken from the bridge at Harsondale Cleugh looking at the surprise surprise the Harsondale burn


Looking down the burn


Looking back at the path coming down to the bridge


 Heading up (again)


And bursting out into the sun shine (joke)


Heading across the fields towards Sillywrea (I don’t think of these names)


Sheep and there young …………very tasty!


Old out building at Plankey mill


Back over the river Allen

A few photos as we make our way back along the river walking along the “low” level path


Scary spider root (well sort of)


Looking up at the crags


All that remains of the swing / wobbly bridge destroyed during the floods



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