DATE                            17.02.12


DISTANCE                  ABOUT  8 1/2 MILES  




I had no real plans for today only that I wanted to get out somewhere for a decent walk and decided that Ingram Valley was as good a place as any.  I decided to park up just before Hartside farm, in fact this is as far as you can take your car unless you live further along.

The weather didnít look promising but I tend to ignore things like that anyway, so whilst I was donning my boots I decided I would walk along and just go where I wanted to, nothing planned just wander and see.  Itís been a year or so since I have been in this section of the Cheviots, and not a great deal has changed, there is a touch of spring in the air I noted as I walked along, snowdrops along the river bank, buds showing on trees and lots of birds singing, yep spring is just around the corner.

The route I chose used existing footpaths, quad bike, sheep and even old hill fort trails, a small section of road and, where there was nothing, I wandered along as best I could.  A few photos.

Taken from Hartside looking towards Knock Hill

Looking along the river Breamish

Starting to head up the first part is along a well worn path though a small plantation.

Starting to gain a bit of height, looking back towards the farm at Alnhammoor.

Looking across towards the Great Standrop with a cloud covered Hedgehope behind it.

Nearing the top, with bursting lungs, last look back.

At the Chesters looking towards Cochrane Pike.

Looking towards an old hill fort on Brough Law, I havent been up there for years, so I decide that I would pay it a visit, (if I can find a trail heading that way).

First I have to get across the Chesters Burn.

Heading up towards Cochrane Pike, there is an old settlement up here but I couldn't see anything, however the views back down the valley make it worth it.

Now on Ewe Hill.  From this point I can see the car at Hartside (always useful to know where the car is).

Now on the edge of Brough Law, there is an old hill fort here that I want to see.

Now on the hill fort looking back down the valley towards Ingram farm.

At this point I decide to cut down off the hill and walk back along the river cutting between Brough Law and Ingram Glidders.  In the summer months (do we get a summer?) this area is very popular with families making the most of the warmer weather, but today I didn't see a single person.

Just crossing where the Greenside Burn joins the Breamish, not a problem today as the level is very low, there is a foot bridge just out of the photo.

Looking across at the lower slopes of Brough Law.

Looking up along the valley.

Looks like the path has been washed away at some point, still with a bit of care it's still ok, and the river isn't all that deep.

Looking back towards the hill fort.  One thing I did notice was the amount of foxgloves plants that were in this valley, it might be worth a trip when they are flowering.

Starting to climb out of the valley, last look back.

Still heading over Hartside Hill, can now see the car.

Not much to say about this walk it was just something different.