DATE                         15.01.12





Today’s walk was a sort of training walk for me, there is a stony gully which had a steep decent into it , I wanted to see if I  could (A) get down there and (B) walk along it , a sort of practise for a future walk that I had in mind . Not really sure what I would have done if I got in it and then found it impossible for me to get out of it again , but why worry about “what if”.  Plans had been set in place if the worse should happen.

Won’t bother trying to describe the route will post a map and you can see for yourselves. A lot of it was following sheep trails, quad bike tracks, along grassy paths with a bit of forestry track thrown in and some very good footpaths.  The last small section however, was rocky slippery stones with a little stream running past them which covered them with ice .

Some walks you never want to end, well this was one of them...

A few photos from the walk:-enjoy

First one taken from where I left the car looking down the Red road towards Cross Dyke, where, if all went well I would be returning later that day


Looking up the valley at the river Alwin


A bit further along, I love this valley in my early days of learning to walk I would often just walk up and down this track taking in the hills wishing that I could get to the tops. I am pleased to say that I have walked all over these hills now, however the bond still keeps drawing me to them.


My way up onto the Dodd, doesn’t look much but it certainly gets me puffing and panting before I get to the top.


First sight of Kidlandlee forest looks as if they have been harvesting down there.


Looking straight down


My route today is simply to follow the hill round towards Kitty Crags


Looking back, you can just about make out the path that I hope to take back later today heading up the opposite hill


At Kitty Crag’s looking further into Kidlandlee


Now heading towards Ravens Crag.


Getting closer, it was my intention to stop at these crags for a bite to eat, however the farmer has put his blood thirsty cattle there.  I have been chased by this herd before so being a bit of a wimp, I will give them a wide berth (there are very few fences up here)


Looking ahead , as I have stated there is no footpath up here , I am following sheep trails heading for a nameless gully just past Cat Cleugh where I want to get a bit of practise in walking down rock steep paths .


Looking back (at max zoom) just to ensure that the herd of flesh eating, mad, blood drinking cattle hasn’t spotted me and giving chase.


Same again but this time from a safer distance.


First sighting of the Gully that I want to practise on.


Getting a bit closer


Nearly in it now, I note how much colder it is now that I am out of the sun,I feel quite chuffed with myself for just getting down here.


My route down, and a very small waterfall, I bet it gets a lot bigger after it’s been raining.


My route down, if all goes well. I will have about half a mile of this to practise various styles of walking to see what works best for me.


Yep it’s still a bit cold down here, one of many frozen water run-offs that drain into this gully.


Looking back and up.


Coming to the end of it now, I must admit things went very well.  I didn’t fall, I didn’t get wet when jumping across the Allerhope Burn and I came out right where I was supposed to.


Now on the forestry track heading down to the valley bottom, this is pure joy to walk along after the rocks I had been walking over.


Still heading down, again I notice the huge drop in tempture when I get out of the sun.


Looking up at the lower section of Ravens C rag, I was going to have a rest stop at the top (but the cattle put a stop to that).


Looking back.


Finally reached the valley bottom now.


Entering Kidlandlee forest now looking back at Kitty Crags.


Looking along the river Alwin at the side of the Dodd.


Looking back, I have to say that I was kind of sad to leave this section of the walk and had to start heading on the homeward section now.


Looking ahead I can just about make out my path heading up as I leave the forest.


Last look back (wonderful place eh?)


Starting to head up now looking back.


Still heading up Cross Dyke looking down the valley towards Rookland Hill and Clennell Hill.


Looking back again (sorry just can’t help myself).


Nearly at the top now.


Made it.


First views of where the car is.


Looking back across.

Just round the corner, over the bridge and that’s it finished.


Some days are made for walking today was one of those, hope you enjoyed this report; I know I certainly enjoyed the day. Thanks ……..Mick


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