DATE                                    30.07.12

DISTANCE                           About 5 . 5 miles

WEATHER                           Mostly bright with a few showers                  

START / FINNISH               Car park near low Trenthhouse

Day two of my well deserved break down the dales.

After my walk up and down…….. at pen-y-Ghent the day before it was decided that today would be a very easy day for me , giving my stumpy leg a chance to catch up with any healing that might be required , as it turned out I had no problems with anything (but better safe than sorry) so we decided to go visit Malham and have a mooch around , we have been to Malham several times in the past and because we both love the area so much we try to get down this way at least once every year.

Today we decided that we would try something different and do a different route, nothing was set in stone but I was under strict instructions from my better half not much of the ups and downs ……… ok dear I replied whilst secretly thinking not a hope in hell.

Having visited the waterfall at Gordale scar several times and unable to climb up the water fall I have often wondered what it is like up there, so part of today’s plan was to approach the scar from above or behind if possible and seeing as we will be in the area why not try to have a mooch around the top as well , also seeing that we where there it seemed rude not to pay a visit to the top of Malham cove as well and  as  my better half was not objecting to much I thought that we would have a look at Malham Tarn  calling at the water sinks that I had heard about . So that was it. Lots of things to go see, and my better half did what she does best left every thing up to me.

This trip got of to a bit of a late start , mainly because we both decided to have a lay in , then as it was my turn to cook breakfast and I decided on egg and bacon sarnies which wasn’t the quickest of breakfasts but very enjoyable no the less. And as my mum would have said half the day was gone before we even set off. (Not strictly true in this case)

Anyway we duly arrived, parked up in the free (yes free) car park near low Trenthouse  sorted our gear out and off we went , I won’t describe the route as you can see for yourselves by looking at the map .

Weather wise it wasn’t too bad for summer but we did get hit several times by fast moving heavy showers you know the type, they sneak up on you, pour down soaking you then bugger off just as you get you waterproofs on.

As per normal a few photos enjoy.

First photo Malham tarn on a grey summer’s day.

Some of the locals, not bothered by us at all.

Looking back to the far side of the Tarn.

Bits of limestone pavement every where you look.

Same again.

Some more of the locals.

Looking at part of Gordale scar?

Looking back along it.

Still heading towards the main part, its very easy walking along this grassy path.

First sighting of entrance.

Looking down towards where the beck is.

This must be the path coming up?

Looking back along it.

Can just about make out the beck.

Now walking along the top looking towards the main entrance.

We make our way along the top.

There is a small camp site down there what a place to wake up in.

Our way forward, there is a well trodden path along the top which makes it a bit easer for me.

Looking down.

The path.

Looking across to the other side.

Looking back towards the waterfall.

Close up you can just about see it.

A few general photos as we make our way along the top.

Time to start down.

Looking back up.

Looking back.

Not sure where this is, but we stopped for rest here.

Approaching the top of Malham Cove. (Note all the people)

Looking up what I think is Malham Lings (Pennine Way) our route later on.

A few taken on the limestone, it started to rain and things got very slippery for me.

Now on the Pennine way heading into the lings?

A few photos as we make our way along.

Looking back, we had just climbed up some stone stairs which turned out to be a bit of a nightmare as they where so slippery with the recent rainfall.

General view.

Our route.

Nearly out and onto soft grass land.

Now at the water sinks.

My better half, happy now she can see the car, the small stream disappears 50 meters further downstream into the sinks.

Old bridge to cross to get to the car park.


Day after thoughts.

Brilliant walk, really pleased that we managed to do and see all the things that we wanted,

It was part of my plan to call into Malham on the way back to the campsite and stop for a very well deserved cream tea, but due to our late start and late finish, my better half thought that it would ruin our appetites’ and as we had already decided on pub meal later that night I agreed.

As for aches or pains ………none I am pleased to say.