DATE                             18.10.06

DISTANCE                    3.3 MILES

WEATHER                    COOL BUT DRY



An after noon Stroll


Due to serious problems with both my Arty leg breaking down and some even more serious problems with my stump I had been all but grounded for the last few months so to say I was chomping at the bit (I don’t really know what “chomping at the bit” mean’s but it sounds good) to get out and grab some fresh air was an understatement.

The only problem was I had to do something rather easy and relaxed because to be honest my fitness level was on par with a dead jelly fish , I had done next to nothing walking wise and my fitness levels had dropped right down , plus I really didn’t want to re open my newly healed stump up , I had developed a small spot that had got bigger and bigger and split open and to be honest every time it grew a layer of skin over it and seemed to be healing up , I would bugger it up and end up by rubbing it raw and making twice as bad , but this time it looked like it had healed up and was good to go.

The only way I had achieved this was by not wearing my arty leg for three days, this three day’s hadn’t gone well, and despite me thinking I was ok on crutches the sad truth was I can cope on crutches but only just . but I like to think of it was a wake up call and if I have learnt nothing from  it apart from  if I get any spot or sore spot on my stump deal with it straight away rather than just ignore it and “man it out” it’s a lesson I shall remember . (Famous last words)

So now you all know why I hadn’t been out so don’t go thinking what a hack! When you see the distance we walked.

We got off to a late start for this walk mainly because I wasn’t even sure that I could go for a walk today but after getting up, mooching around the house and garden for a few hours catching up on all my jobs and earning loads of good boy points off the wife, I finally decided that things and stuff where ok and it was time to try again , My better half had a half day from work and when she arrived home I suggested a small wander someplace, much to my amazement she agreed as long as it was easy and not to far. A quick look out of the widow confirmed that it was a bit cold but dry so that was it, a small amount of gear was quickly thrown into the rucksack along with some tasty food and a flask of coffee and off we went, our plan was to drive up to Newton Links, and simply take it from there hopefully heading north up the beach, we had walked to this car park before when we had set off from Low newton, but so far we had never been further , we knew that there was a good grassy footpath running behind the dunes and so we decided that we would head down onto the beach walk along part of Beadnell Bay to where there is a small wild fowl section from there we would cross over the Brunton Burn where it spills out over the sand and runs into the sea then head inland cross back  over the Brunton burn via the huge footbridge and walk back behind the dunes .

Not much of a route distance wise but I really didn’t want to rip any skin off my stump and I know from other beach walks that sometimes the sand is soft and believe me , walking on soft sand is really hard work for an amputee.

On arrival we parked up, boots and gear was sorted (not that we needed much gear) and off we went, straight down onto the beach, Beadnell Bay is huge and dare I say it totally unspoilt, it is just what a sandy bay should be, if we had warmer weather and the North sea was warmer I am certain that there would be a thriving holiday resort right here ……… it is ………and I speak from personnel experience here the north sea is cold and you wont stay in the water for long unless you have wet suit on so the whole bay is deserted until you get right to the top end of the bay at Beadnell.

Walking along the beach, I took the chance and tried out a few different programs that had been put onto my micro processor knee, however walking on soft’ ish sand seemed to confuse the knee and in the end I just picked a fairly still resistance program and forgot about “buggering about” doing silly steps etc. and just got on with the walk, much to Yvonne’s agreement as she put it I looked like a complete idiot when I was walking “funny”.

Just before we met up with the Brunton Burn we found a brilliant place by a single sand dune standing on the beach all by itself to stop and have a tasty sarnie and a very well deserved coffee break.

So far things where going alright with my stump but the last thing I wanted was to overdo things and rub the skin off so we decided that we would head right down to where the sea was (the tide was out) cross over the Brunton Burn which was spread out about ¼ of a mile but very shallow then head back to the grassy path (which we later found was part of the coastal path way)

We took a few photos of the sea gulls and what I think was shag / cormorant (I could be wrong) then headed back along this lovley grassy path, there was a herd of cattle in our way but I pleased to say that they must be used to walkers because they really wasn’t interested in us, we only walked about 3.3  miles all very easy. One thing we both agreed on was the size of the bay, it’s huge and when I get a bit more mobile we will return and walk the next section of this wonderful coastline.

As normal a few photos from today enjoy:

My better half with a rare smile on her face


Me grapping the rucksack (as normal)


On the beach looking out to sea


Looking along the beach, we have got it all to ourselves


A bit further along


Me looking very serious as I practise my walking styles


Messing around


Not sure what these are, but they wasn’t bothered by us


Now at the bird reserve looking towards the foot bridge we cross later on


The bay here is huge


Lots of sea gulls


Looking towards the bridge


Different types of gulls?


In flight

Taken at max zoom looking towards Beadnell


Again looking towards the footbridge


Geese flying off


The sand dune where we stopped for food


Taken from the footbridge crossing over the Brunton Burn


Looking the other way


Same again


Shag? Cormorant? I haven’t got a clue


Looking out towards the sea


Our dune


The twitchers Hut

Sea gull


Looking inland


Same again


Taken at max zoom our small stand alone dune


One of the locals



They wasn’t bothered by us at all


Our route along Newton Links


Looking back


Day after thoughts:

We had a great afternoon, seeing a bit of the coastline we hadn’t seen before, the bay is huge we both agreed that we would return and carry on along the coastline.

I was pleased that I didn’t do any harm to my stump, but it was starting to get that “hot” feeling in a couple of tender places but as it was no harm done.

Fitness wise I was starting to feel quite tired towards the end of this small afternoon stroll , I don’t know it was because my fitness levels had really dropped over the last few weeks or it was because I was buggering around on the beach at the start of the walk ………..either way we both had a brilliant afternoon walk .