DATE                                    20.05.14

DISTANCE                          WE DONT CARE BUT ABOUT 5 MILES

WEATHER                         GREY (SEA FRET)



An afternoon wander along the dean


Come on Mick bugger the painting I barked , take us out instead , ok Munchy just give me a few minutes to get cleaned up  I have just about finished anyway , Great I’d go and tell the boys , Flynn of course was sitting in the front window watching the world go by , hey  Flynn Mick taking us out so get your arse in gear , great barked Flynn , lets go and find Bob and let him know , Bob was busy snoozing in the garden , I noticed that he had once again found one of Flynn’s bone treats and had it safely tucked tightly under his paws , Bob I barked Micks taking us out in a minute so get your act together , we don’t want to keep him waiting , Ok Munchy I be  ready , Flynn of course dived at the bone and quickly run off down the Garden , Its ok Flynn shouted Bob , no matter where you hide it I will find it . Come on lets get by the front door ready and we all ran through the house and sat waiting by the door.

Sure enough Mick came down stairs, grabbed his rucksack with all our gear in and let us out, right you lot straight into the car NO CHASING ANY CATS THAT OUR IN THE STREET, ok we barked back and made our way straight to the car, where we jumped in and settled down, No barking at any one as we drive past especially you Bob, Ok replied Bob looking a bit sheepish.

Where are we going I asked more to stop Mick reading us the riot act than any real interest , we know that Mick always takes us out for good walks and adventures so we really don’t  care where as long as we get out .

We are heading to Seaton Sluice , where we are going to head along Holywell Dean for a bit of a mooch around and if all goes well we shall have a look at some other footpaths ready for another day . Great we love the dean there is so much to run and explore and there is even a small river for us the splash around in and get a drink if we need one.

Sure enough Mick parked up and let us out. Don’t go too far yet yelled Mick as we went bounding down towards the Harbour, we past another dog walker and his dog, being polite we stopped to chat to the other dog, but he didn’t want to play or chat for that matter, what a grump said Flynn yeah he needs to chill out a bit I replied, never mind lets race and all three of us went racing down the grass towards the dean.

Hang on you lot yelled Mick wait for me and so we turned and went racing back, we have found it a lot easer if we run back to Mick when he yells and for some reason it makes Mick happy and when he is happy he tends to be a bit more generous with the treats ………and we love getting treats.

Walking along the dean was fun, lots to do and see and once we where clear of the houses Mick sent us off to run and play as we wanted, “Just don’t jump in that slimy stinking mud” where his only instructions. Ok we barked back and off we went.

We have a system where one of us pops back every now and then to check that Mick is alright ………after all that is our Job, making sure that Mick is ok and we always try to keep in his sight, but seeing how he is getting old his eye sight isn’t that good we are never sure if he can see us or not so we found the best way of keeping the noise down is for one of us to pop back and check on him.

Our walk today took us along the dean, there were lots of birds to chase, flowers and things to sniff, wooden sticks to chew and break plus lots of dark nooks and crannies to explore, every now and then the path took us right down to the burns edge, where we would go for a paddle or drink , except for Flynn he really doesn’t like getting his paws wet , eventually we came to a cross roads and Mick told us to head along the “Waggon way” as we where going to explore a different way back , sadly after walking along the way for twenty minutes we came to the turn off for the  footpath , it was overgrown , there was no way we could walk along it , it look like it hadn’t been used for years so Mick called us back and we headed back the way we came , never mind said Mick there is another footpath a mile or so along this way that should take us back roughly where we want to go . We of course didn’t care we just love being out and about. Mick found the other footpath that he was looking for and off we went, it took us straight through a field of very long grass, Charge we all yelled and ran full pelt into it where we instantly disappeared, this was great fun running around in the grass, every now and then we would stand up on our two back legs to see where we was then it was charge off in a different direction.

Mick decided that this was a good place to stop for a while and sat down, he also brought out our water bowl and a few treats, and we of course went hurtling back straight away and stuffed our faces then we where off playing again, sometime Mick must have packed up and gave us a shout and it was time to continue, we of course spent our time running and playing, bursting out of the grass onto the path just so we could keep an eye on Mick.

The path slowly took us back to the dean and for the last Mile or so we retraced our footprints along the dean, however there was a lot of big seagulls in the water and on the mud flats and we had great fun in chasing them, that was until Bob and I jumped off the path straight into the mud and stopped dead, we both sank up to our tummy’s in this thick wet stinky Mud, of course Flynn stopped dead and didn’t even get his paws muddy.

Mick looked at us and informed us that its bath time when we get home, and suggested that we splash around in the water to try to get clean. We of course didn’t care and chased Flynn hoping to get him covered in mud as well, but Flynn who is terrified of getting dirty and ran away very fast and kept well clear of us (he is such a girl at times) then we got back to the car.

On arriving back home, me and Bob had to go in the back garden while mick got a bath ready for us, Flynn of course went straight in the house and stood laughing at us.

Then we where picked up and dumped in the bath and given a wash by both Mick and Yvonne, Mick of course found this funny where as Yvonne was a bit cross with us as she was having a bath and had to get out . But we knew once we sat on her lap later on things would be ok.

Mick took a few photos enjoy:-


Wooden deer


Heading down towards part of the small harbour


Looking along the dean (our route for the day)


Old upturned boat with something added?


Me having a look at the stinky mud, we were warned not to go in there ………but on our way back we chased a sea gull and …..As they say the rest is history


A bit further along the path


Looking at Hollywell dean


Young duckling …………….very tasty!!! (Just kidding)


Looking over towards what is a nature reserve


Pond! Water taste yuck!


Flynn on a log by the Dean


Nice cool inviting spot to play in


Small waterfall


Mick playing with his camera


I suppose that we should have a look to see what Mick finds so interesting


Bob asking can we swim in here?


Last photo of the small waterfall


Some huge trees have fallen over the Dean

Looking at an old bridge


Now on the Waggons way


Scouting ahead, Flynn checking up on Mick


Now entering a nice grassy field, Mick has just call us for treats so charge

Hello Mick where are the treats?


Playing in the grass with the obelisk in the background


Heading towards the dean

Looking down to where we was earlier




Tasty dinner ….we love roast beef!!


Now heading back along the Dean


But first a drink and paddle stop


The result of our bath (this is after it’s been rinsed out twice)


Hope you enjoyed reading about this walk, I know we had fun doing it xxx


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