DATE                                  06.02.14

DISTANCE                        UNKNOWN

WEATHER                        BRIGHT BUT COLD




An afternoon stroll along the beach

Hello every one, it’s Flynn and it’s my turn to do a write up about one of our many walks, due to the bad wet weather, Mick has been taking us to the coast a lot for our walks, this has the advantage that we don’t get covered in mud and so we don’t have to be bathed, I don’t know why they insist that we get bathed when we get mucky, we don’t mind so why should they?

Any way, I was busy having my pre afternoon nap when I was rudely awakened by Mick telling me to get my arse up and go get Munchy and Bob who where busy snoozing on the downstairs settee .

A very quick high speed run downstairs followed by a flying leap onto the settee woke both Bob and Munchy up , what’s up they both asked , Mick said to get our self ready we are going out for a wander , Great they barked and for the next few minutes ran around the house like demented dogs , come on you three yelled mick and charge off we went out the front door and sat waiting by the car , jump in said Mick and please settle down , ok Mick we barked back and quickly jumped in and settled down for the trip .

It didn’t take long and soon the car door was opened and we jumped out , which way we barked at mick , That way and pointed into the dunes , great we barked and charge off we run into the dunes , we like the dunes , there are lots of different paths that weave they way through the long grass , we jump out and get each other , sometimes if we are really lucky we meet  up with other dogs and get to play with them or sometimes we see a rabbit , Rabbits run really fast and normally disappear before we can say hello to them , but it is good fun trying to keep up with them or following there path back to there holes , Mick said that we aren’t allowed down there holes so normally we stop when we find there holes , Munchy went down one once and got a right telling off from Mick who was really cross with him . One of our jobs is not to make Mick cross with us so we do our best to be good. (Some of the time anyway)

After a few high speed runs along the dunes Mick told us to head for the beach as the tide was well out , great we barked back ……………lets go , we like the beach and practise our running skills on it , from there Mick told us to head up the beach a bit , great and off we went , we like having a sniff around at anything that’s been washed up , sometimes we even find tasty tit bits that we scoff down before Mick takes them off us , once again we kept our eyes open for other dogs to play with but sadly there where non today , right you lot shouted Mick time to get into the dunes , great , this is the first time that we have been in this section of the sand dunes , who knows what we will find , Mick try’s to take us to a different place each walk , we like exploring and have great fun finding thing s and generally trying not to get lost , I don’t know how far we had come but it must have been a fair way because mick called a stop and sat down and rummaged around in his ruck sack for tasty treats , we all like tasty treats , he also filled our water bowl up …….we didn’t drink that we prefer drinking from ditches , puddles  or any other place . treats where scoffed and it was time to go following one of the never ending trails that weaved though the dunes , there was lots of things to run after and lots of new and strange smells to investigate . Then trouble , we spotted the biggest cows that we have ever seen , I think that they are highland cattle , boy they have got really big sharp horns , good job there is a fence to stop them getting out .

Mick of course read us the riot act about not barking or going into there field , “do we look that stupid” we barked back but I for one kept a close eye on them “just in case” .

Every now and then we would climb up a big dune and could see the sea and beach, Mick told us that if we where good we would get back on the beach later. Some time later on Mick decided that we had gone far enough and it was time to turn back, once again Mick sent us on our way along different trails, making sure we didn’t venture into the field with the humongous cows in , we of course where starting to tire a bit now so we walked nicely , which Mick liked then before we knew it we where back on the beach for the last bit of the walk , charge we barked and shot off like three little rockets , as normal we didn’t see any other people or dogs about so we played chase between  ourselves then it was time it was time to head back to the car , we where all very tiered now and soon snuggled down for the drive back home . Yep another good walk …….Micks not all bad at times.

As normal Mick had his camera with him a few photos from today.

 Me (Flynn) just being woken up from my pre afternoon snooze


Leaving the dunes onto the beach


Me (Flynn) checking the route


Munchy having a run along the beach


Me chasing Bob almost at full speed


Looking along the beach we have got it almost to ourselves


Time to head into the dunes again


Wait a moment something worth sniffing here

I bet that there are rabbits in there


Charge off we go

That far enough lets run back to check on mick


Wait for me; I think I have found a rabbit


Ok tell me where


I can smell that one was here said Munchy


Wow look at those huge highland cattle we had better keep away from them


Its ok there is a fence so we will be safe


A quick look at the beach


And again, still no one on there.


Bob thinking that this is a good place to find rabbits


Yes lets all have a sniff around we are bound to find something


Bob showing how to jump high


What’s this let me have a smell


Let’s run said Bob


Lets not said Munchy


Wait Boys I can smell something


Time to head back along a different path


Heading back down to the beach


Let’s have a sniff to see if there have been any seals around here


Looking up the beach


Looking down the beach, still no one around.