DATE                                17.10.13

DISTANCE                       ABOUT 4 MILES





An afternoon at Cresswell

Hello and welcome to the boys section of mick’s website, today it will be me (Flynn) who will be writing up our latest day out. We get taken out several times a day either locally or down to the beach, but when mick is off work he always does his best to get us out for the day well today was one of those days .

Our day started as normal , breakfast followed by a  walk , Mick told us that it would be a quick walk as he was planning to get his jobs done then take us out someplace , great we barked lets get going , back home we tried our best to leave mick alone so he could crack on and get finished but he had to stop working several times and tell us to stop barking or to stop fighting , we was only play fighting but I think that we where tearing round like nutters kept putting him off what ever he was doing , in the end he bust into the room saying something like alright you lot win lets go ……………..great we all barked and charged for the door , mick quickly followed , I couldn’t help but notice that he had his rucksack packed which meant nice tasty treats .

Quickly we all piled into the car and off we went, where we going asked Bob, I don’t know why don’t you ask mick ………….so after several minutes of barking at mick we where still non the wiser all we got of mick is you will just have to wait and see, grrrrrrrr sometimes mick can be a right pain but seeing as we where in our cage/crate we really couldn’t really do anything.

How ever we didn’t have long to wait and ever so quickly mick stopped the car and let us out, “right out you get” we didn’t need telling twice and with a mighty bound (well it wasn’t really that mighty) we jumped out, right off you go just follow the path said mick, I just get my boots on and catch up. And within minutes we where on grassy area away from the car. I know where we are said Munchy I recognise that gate , yes that’s right we must be at Cresswell  , great said Bob that means we will be joining the beach later on , Hang on a minute said Mick today we are going to do a slightly different route and proceeded to take us along a different path , not that we cared , we where busy running , sniffing and exploring various  things , we quickly discovered that there was a lot of rabbits around this area , great I said to Bob I hope that we see some , but sadly we didn’t see any I expect that we where making too much noise , but running along there tracks out of sight from mick was great fun , we had to stop every now and then and jump up and see where we was or where mick was and took great delight in jumping out in front of him when he called us , then we joined the beach , sadly there was no other dogs out today , it would have been nice to meet up with a few others so we could run and play but hat didn’t matter , soon mick called a stop and proceeded to put out tasty treats and water out for us , by this time I was very thirsty and I always can throw a few tasty tit bits down my neck. Then it was off along the beach , last time we where here it was nothing but sand but today the beach was covered with huge amounts of seaweed , mick said it was kelp and had been washed up with all the bad storms that we had been having , we had great fun climbing up onto it , then we climbed up one pile just as a huge wave came in and for a few moment we was sailing away , I didn’t really like this as it meant that I would get wet getting back to the shore then the wave went back out and we all quickly run back up the beach , laughing at each other , phew that was close said Munchy , the water is freezing cold and I really didn’t want to get my paws wet.

What’s that said Bob at a strange looking lump further along the beach? I don’t know lets go look and we went racing along the beach only to stop a few feet before a dead animal , it’s a dead seal said mick , looks like its old age and hasn’t been dead that long I expect its been washed up by the tide , mick sounded sad , Can we eat it asked munchy ? No said mick. can we take it home for Yvonne to cook asked Bob ? No said mick it’s far to big to even try to lift, mick of course was right it was massive, come on you lot lets leave the poor thing in peace  puzzled by the tone in mick voice we left it and proceeded to run along the beach ,.

Did you see the size of its teeth said Munchy, yes they  where sharp and pointed I wouldn’t like to be bitten by them, but did you see the size of it ……………it was huge, Munchy seemed to be getting quite worked up about how big it was and how big its teeth where, its alright said Mick, the seals tend to keep away from young noisy dogs , I expect that if you are good we might bump into some young seals sometime when we are on the coastline ….if you are good.

That would be great we all said perhaps we could play, we will just have wait and see was all we got out of mick.

We scanned the beach hoping to find anymore seals but sadly all we found was a dead bird, Can we eat it asked bob ………No was the reply from mick ……..can we take it home for show and tell I asked I’m sure that Yvonne would love to see it ………No was the reply, its rotten and will stink the car up. Ok Mick what ever you say, then sadly it was time to cut back off the beach and cut through the dunes back to the car, Mick seemed quite concerned about the weather it had turned rather dark and told us to speed up a bit as it was we all got back into the car just as it started to rain.

How’s that for timing said mick as the heavens opened up secretly pleased because Yvonne would have told him off if we had gotten soaked.

All in all Mick walked about 4 miles we of course did double that with all our running about.

As normal a few photos.

The boys charging away along the path.


Looking across at one of the nature reserve wetland areas, last time we was here it was all green.



Look ahead towards the dunes, there is a good path but you can’t see it from this point.


Another wetland area.


Flynn in action.


Now leaving the dunes and dropping down onto the beach, the tide is in at the moment.

Looking up the coastline.


Flynn and Munchy.


Looking down the beach and our route for the afternoon.


The boys.


Sniffing around the washed up kelp and sea weed.


A good spot to stop for tasty treats and water.

Let’s play chase.

What’s this?

Can we take it home Mick?


Poor thing lets leave it alone.


Flynn and Munchy heading down a kelp laden beach.


All three boys playing.

A couple of beach shot looking both ways.


Hey Mick can we take this home for Yvonne to cook?


Better get a move on there isn’t much beach left now.


Bob waiting for me before we head back into the dune and back to the car.