DATE                            31.03.18

DISTANCE                   8.4 MILES

WEATHER                   GREY, DULL BY NO RAIN



For Today’s wander I would be linking up with a few old friends off the “I Walks” group for a small get together and doing a walk that some of us had missed, unfortunately with my shift paten I always miss the every other Saturday walk and can only get to a Wednesday walk once a month so when AZ posted that he intended to get out this Easter Saturday and do this walk I just had to tag along , it’s an area that I have touched around in the past but don’t really know it all so I was as always looking forward to it , walking wise I’m still not at my best and I don’t really know why , something is going on in my stumpy leg causing a lot of discomfort when walking then a couple of days later its completely gone only to return a few days later and to be honest its totally confused me as to what when or why and of course there is nothing I can do but live with it and try to plan around the bad days so I was really hoping that things would be ok for Saturday and as luck would have it things where ok , so it was gear thrown into the car and off to the meet up point at Rowfoot , I made the very unpopular decision of not taking Bob dog with me today , the weather forecast was really pants  nonstop rain / sleet till later on in the afternoon and with the amount of rain / sleet we had been having I knew that the whole area would be soaking wet and despite me getting him the best waterproof coat I could find I really do think that it’s unfair on him getting cold and soaking wet all day so I made the decision to leave him at home something he really wasn’t happy about . (A few days later and he are still in a huff with me).

I managed to find the car park no problem thanks to the post code and sat nav and pulled into the car park just past the Wallace arms pub, gear was sorted whilst the rest of the intrepid explores arrived , introductions where made and off we went .

And off we go, passing one of the old platforms

Our route for the day started off with a section of the South Tyne Trail, a section that I have walked along before but things had changed, the last time I was here it was all lose chippings and pot holes now it has a smooth tarmac finish making for very easy walking, however the “land marks” if that’s the right word are still here, the remains of long forgotten bridges.

Old bridges

Old rail line platforms and the station building (now houses) are still here dotted along the line I clearly remembered after my last walk along here I thought that I would do a bit of mooching around the internet for a bit of the history of this line but as normal I forgot and dare I say it I will most likely forget this time too.

Any way we stayed on this line until we past the farm at Broomhouse then headed off and up onto Broomhouse Common,

Time to leave the line and head off road for a while

It was at this point I decided that I had made the right choice with not bringing Bob dog along, I know that he would have loved it here but with his low ground clearance and the soaking wet ground he would have been soaked in minutes, as it was the promised rain seemed to hold off we could see several rain showers in the distance.

AZ checking our route

But we seemed just to miss them and as luck would have it our luck seemed to hold for the rest of the day, staying on the well-marked (if wet) footpath we stopped briefly at the old ruined “farm house” at Warren and had a mooch around inside.

The old “farm house “at Warren.



Then under AZ leadership headed down to the lake for lunch, now this lake is something rather special and despite my mooching around on the internet thingy I can’t really find any info about it.

Lunch time:  left to right Janet, Dorothy, AZ and Sarah


Looking at the lake with its jetty and sunken boat

With the stone work and small jetty it certainly looks man made and the small locked up hut standing on its shore just adds to the mystery, somewhere I read that its known as Webster’s lake and the hut was once a dynamite store but that all I can find so if anyone knows anything about this lake please let me know, anyway we had lunch there sitting on what looked like the remains of a coal heap? Did the stone hut hold a steam engine and pump water along the old pipe works I saw? I just don’t know, however despite it being a wet grey day I bet this place lights up in the sun and with the shores covered in Rhododendron bushes I bet it’s something when they are in flower.

The remains of the stone work

Who knows I might even pop back at a later date. After lunch we headed past Sandyford Rigg and joined up with a small Broad that took us up Hirst Top where we turned off and headed towards Bridle Green passing a line of dead moles strung along a barbed wire fence, even now I’m not sure why the mole catcher hangs the moles up for all to see but I have seen this sight all over the North east so it not some local custom, who know maybe it a way of proving what a good catcher he is?.

Moles on display

At a small quarry at Bridle Green we saw what I was informed was a row of old charcoal burners, to be honest I not convinced for several reasons firstly there no trees around and all the burners I have seen have been completely different, perhaps they used wood to provide heat as part of the process but I have never seen burners like this so if anyone knows what these pots are used for please tell.

Charcoal burners

Since writing this I have been informed by numerous folk that they are indeed Charcoal burners so once again I have to eat humble pie and admit I was wrong again , from there we set off across the open moorland heading up to Ramshaw fell at 265 meters was our highest point of the day , the path was small and very wet to start with soon disappeared into nothing ness and it was at this point we lost the footpath altogether and decided to use our outstanding sense of direction and follow what looked like the best route down to the Park burn where we hoped we would link up with a better path , as it was we had no real problems , yes we did a fair amount of “bog hopping” and quite a few zig and zags around some really wet boggy places but in no time at all we found ourselves back on the well-used path heading towards the waterfall near  Lynnshield.

Do we look like we care about a bit of bog hopping?

And I have to say this waterfall must be another hidden gem, and well worth a visit I bet its stunning on a summers day, AZ call a tea break …………a well-deserved one if I might be so bold as to say and for the next ten minutes we all sat around drinking coffee chatting and generally making the most of the view down to the waterfall, then it was time to head off again.

The small but beautiful waterfall.

Our route basically followed a well-used path back along the river till we met up with the small road that we followed back to Rowfoot and the car park , as luck would have it just as we got back into the car park the cloud parted and we was greeted by our first sighting of a blue sky .typical eh? But at least we missed the forecast of nonstop rain so I guess that we got lucky, gear was thrown into the car then it was up to the Wallace arms for an after walk drink a correct and proper way to finish the day.

Checking my GPS  I made it 8.4 miles slightly longer than what other members made it , not really sure why with 1012 ft. of the ups and downs , all in all a brilliant day out with a great bunch of folk cheers

As normal a few photos from today :-

Looking down towards the small burn


Old Rail Bridge


Heading up towards Broomhill common


Looking back

Warren House

Heading down to our lunch spot by the lake


The view from up top


Down we go


A few photos from our lunch spot


And we are off again some locals


Looking towards a distant Hadrian’s Wall and some wet weather clouds


Heading towards the old quarry near Bridle Green


Flooded section

Charcoal burners


On Ramshaw Fell  


Not much of a path!


But with some serious navigating and lots of bog hopping we link up with the footpath heading along the river


Looking back


Heading towards the river (Park burn?)

The waterfall


Yours truly (should I be let out I have to ask myself at times)


A couple of photos of the river as we make our way back

Cows at Lynnshield Farm

Mum and young ones


Heading down


And we made it back to the start



Day after thoughts.

Home gear sorted then hot bath, no real problems with my stump or the Orion knee but I can feel that the bearings are starting to have a bit of sideways play in them now (something to keep an eye on) and I feel that something in my stump has moved slightly (I know it sounds daft) and I am only a fraction away from hitting a nerve or something that is going to cause me some grief again nothing I can do but wait to see what happens.