DATE                          30.11.17

DISTANCE                 5.68 MILES

WEATHER                 Bright to start with then stormy

START / FINISH       Bowlees car park



For today’s wander I would be joined by Bob Dog and Edwina and we would be heading down to Teesdale for a wander along the river Tee’s, Edwina informed me that the river was in flood and the High force waterfall was looking very good and so ………it might be worth a trip down there, so that was the area sorted it was just a case of picking what sort of route and distance we would do whilst we was driving down there………            However due to some serious cock up’s (I think that is the best I can describe them) we didn’t get down to the car park at Bowlees till nearly lunch time so any chance of getting something big done was out of the question plus it gets dark about four (ish) now, so short and sweet was the plan today, but to honest today wasn’t about doing anything big it was a simple chill out days having a mooch around and whilst I am on about chilling…. The weather was a bit on the cool side which caused us both some problems, myself with slipping on the black ice and Edwina nearly wetting herself with laughter when I went over. Of course the black ice didn’t bother Bob dog at all, I suppose that’s the advantage of having four small legs, however I did make him wear his coat (much to his disgust)

Bob dog looking very smart in his coat.

And warned him that there would be no rolling in smelly stuff today or there would be no roast beef treat for lunch, Bob of course agreed and didn’t start to roll in anything till he had stuffed his face which just goes to show that you can’t trust anything that he talks about. Anyway getting back to the walk, we decided that due to the late start we would cut straight down to low force

Low force


Then walk along the river (along the Pennine way) to High force

High force


And take lots of photos, the sun was shining, clear blue sky nice cold day what more could we ask for. (Err well a lotto win (big) would be nice) but much to our amazement we discovered that the Tee’s wasn’t in flood at all, and if the truth was known the water level was quite a lot lower than what we would expect for this time of the year,

Nope not in flood


Still that didn’t matter as it is still stunning no matter what, but I did make a mental note to question Edwina about her sources. Photos were taken and off we went, naturally I had to have a play with the concrete sheep (that sounds so wrong)

 I just can’t help myself


But there are times when I just can’t help myself and today was just one of those days, we wandered along the river, I have been along here loads of times but it never fails to impress me with its natural beauty, but today there was a twist, the ground was frozen solid and black ice was scattered all over the path in places making things rather tricky at times.

A bit icy in places

 But using some skilful navigating technics (walking on the grass verges) we managed to get to High force without any falls.

At high force lots of photos were taken, unfortunately the blue skies had buggered off and with the cloud cover you could feel the temperature drop.

Starting to get a bit dark in places


But as we are intrepid explores we didn’t really care, then on our way back it started to snow.

Starting to snow



Nothing heavy or to get concerned about but it did put a white covering over everything and so it was only a matter of time till I found myself on my back looking up at both feet above my head, yes I had trodden on black ice and the first thing I knew about it was when I was staring up at the sky, naturally Edwina rushed to my aid ……………….Actually she didn’t she was busy trying not to wet herself with laughter (some walking buddy eh?) Bob dog just looked at me and wandered off, fortunately no harm done except to my pride but it did give me the “kick up the arse” that I needed as this shouldn’t have happened I just happened to switch off and this was the result but its pointless beating myself up about it but it reminded me to pay attention. As we retraced our route back the snow kept on falling and looking up at the hills the sky looked black, it was at this point we decided that we would get back to the car and have lunch there. Sometime during lunch it stopped snowing and we both decided to head up to Gibson’s cave.

Gibson’s cave

For a few photos then call it a day. The path up to the cave was all good and so there was no repeats of me falling (much to Edwina’s dismay…. one day she will have a fall and I will get it all on film and plaster it everywhere) the walk to the cave was a delight, almost like a winter wonderland with all the trees and stones covered in snow , but it started to feel cold now and we both knew that we had a long drive back home over the snow covered high fells so we didn’t hang about.

As it was we just got back to the car and it started to throw it down which made the drive home a bit exciting at times.

The trip back home was an experience, total white outs ,slow going for most of the way, with the odd deep snow drift, I sadly informed Edwina that we would either slid off the road and die or get stuck and freeze to death (and die) or crash …and die ( yes it’s got a bit morbid at times)  Edwina being the intrepid explorer that she is straight away put us both on a chocolate ration, then suggested that we could eat Bob dog rather than starve ( poor old Bob dog hasn’t been the same since he heard this) but I was having none of this dying carry on and due to some fantastic driving we slowly made our way back to civilization only to get stuck in a huge traffic jam , we didn’t know at the time but there had been a huge pile up a few miles up the road and no one bothered to tell anyone , so after coffee (yes we had coffee in the car) I decided to turn around and head off in a different direction hoping that the good old sat nav would find us a different way back to Civilization before we got snowed in. and as luck would have it did …Phew !!!!

A few photos from today:-

Looking from the side at Low Force


Low Force

 Taken from the bridge looking down the river Tee’s


Edwina at Low force

A few more



Heading up the river, still quite low


A couple more as we head up towards High Force

High Force


Heading back and the first of the snow flurries


Bob dog in his coat


A few icy photos as we head back down


Low force


It’s starting to get a bit on the rough side now the weather


Edwina covering up (wuss)


Bob Dog leading the way to the picnic area at Bowlees

Looking up and down the small river (not sure of its name)


On the trail towards the cave, old quarry


Small waterfall (unnamed?)


First sighting of the waterfall at Gibson’s cave



Up close

Smoky water shot


Heading back and we notice that the sky has a reddish tint to it


Photo taken by Edwina of yours truly


Bob dog

Day after thoughts

No problems what so ever with my stump , but I really didn’t except any as it was a small easy walk , my new Orion knee performed very well , yes I did slip over and end up in a snotty heap but I do think that anyone would have slipped on the black ice.

The only down side was Bob Dog he has informed me that Edwina has got to bring a serious amount of treats & roast beef for him as a way of an apology or he will bite her to see how she feels about being eaten .