DATE                                         AROUND ABOUT 30.06.17

DISTANCE                                 DON’T KNOW OR CARE

WEATHER                                 MOSTLY DRY AND WARM


Hi everyone, Bob dog here and it’s my turn to tell you all about this trip away in the van, Once again Mick & Yvonne had taken us on a surprise trip away for a week, of course the first thing I knew about it was when we all had settled down in the car when we stopped to hook up the van and then we was off , Mick said that I wasn’t to tell you all the site we were stopping on as it is top secret and he doesn’t want to many other folk coming here so we can’t get book up …any way here we were on another trip staying at a top secret location , someplace that we have been before and simply love it , there is so much for me , Munchy and Flynn to do and see and of course the farmers dog comes to see us and play and we are allowed to go exploring our self . anyway Mick couldn’t walk very far as his knee was playing up so there would be no big walks for me and him this time , but he informed me that we would be out every afternoon for nice walks every day at a different place , great I said , we all love our walks in fact we love just being away , we get to pig out on tasty food when Mick is cooking on the BBQ and sleep on the big bed once both Mick and Yvonne have fallen asleep , of course we have our own special beds that they make up for us but we like sneaking up with them , in the side tent thingy  we have more beds and our treats / toys and a big bowl of water to drink as well as a secret stash of treats that we hide , yes its great getting away .

Anyway let’s get down to some of the walks , each afternoon Mick would pack his rucksack and charge we would rush to the car jump in and settle down for the drive , even our mum Yvonne joined us (and we all know how much she hates walking ) anyway the walks that Mick had planned for us was a walk at all the local reservoirs , this included Hury ,Blackton ,Balderhead, Grassholme and Selset of course we had to be good as there was sheep around but we all know how to behave we also had a walk along the river Swale when we went into Reeth because both Yvonne  Mick fancied an ice cream , we of course all got a little bit , we can’t have too much as it makes us sick but the bit we got was very tasty and I nearly forgot we also had a walk in the Stang which was great fun , the best thing was each afternoon we would stop for a short rest and mick would get treats out for us to eat , very tasty they were to then we would carry on exploring , it’s something we all love to do there is so much to sniff and so many strange things to explore , at a few places we met some  rabbits that came out , boy could they run fast , we met a small friendly hedgehog that was stuck in the road he had got tangled up in some string , we run back and told Mick who untangled him  and then carried him away from the road and put him down on a nice grassy bank near some bushes where he told us he lived , one day when we was out it started to rain really heavy and we all had to run to a small hut to wait it out  , we don’t mind getting wet but Mick said that he didn’t want Yvonne to get wet because she would be a grump but once the rain stopped we was allowed out to play again after a few hours it would be time to head back to the car and drive back to the van and have a snooze whilst Mick and Yvonne got our tea ready then after tea we would all snuggle down and have a happy evening playing in the field and saying hello to any new friends that were staying at the same site as us ……..any way a few photos from some of our walks , in no order because I can’t remember in which order we did them but we all had great fun , enjoy :-

The hut that we took shelter in when it started to rain


Looks like the rain has gone …let’s go


Me and Munchy heading off down the track


Flynn at the back as normal


Not sure what that is, Mick told us that sometimes water comes out of it


Waiting for Mick & Yvonne, just look at those sheep I have a good mind to bark at them


Mooching around


Big pond or reservoir as Mick calls it


Just look at Yvonne, yes she is actually out walking with us


Lots of water (we aren’t allowed in there)


We are heading that way (I think)


Me (Bob Dog) having a sniff


Munchy waiting for Flynn they have been chasing rabbits


Just look at Munchy strutting


Wow look at all that water


Walking across a dam and yes that is Yvonne not a cardboard cut out


Looking down


Munchy I think that we are in a wooded area now


Yep lots of trees close by


And once again we are waiting for people to catch up


Me letting them know its ok on this track


Playing hide and seek in the long grass


And again can you see us?


A different day heading down to a river


We had great fun running and playing here


Looking across


Tasty bird’s nom nom

Nice shady spot to stop


Look its Yvonne actually walking again


Our friend the baby hedgehog, we rescued him and got him back home safely


Thanks for reading















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