DATE                                   19.01.2014

DISTANCE                          9.6 MILES




Wolsingham with Odrus


This was going to be my second outing with this fine body of men and lady’s and I have to say that I was looking forward to it, I had already Buggered up their walking route by asking if they would mind if we did the route in reverse, they of course didn’t mind in the slightest (so I hoped) and so I had got that awkward bit over with , after all the last thing I want to do is to start mucking around with there walking plans just so I could manage but as my mum would say if you don’t ask you don’t know .

Any way I got my gear ready making sure that I had packed my waterproofs as the weather didn’t look that good, I had of course been dancing round the garden pond naked singing the weather gods praise song hoping for good weather (it was dark at the time so the neighbours don’t have any reason to complain) but you know the weather god’s they ether  love you or hate you and to be honest I’m not really sure if I’m doing a good or  bad thing........... only time will tell , pre hap's I should ask some young females to join me .

Right the walk, gear was thrown into the car, coffee thrown down my neck, passport checked and off I went, all I can say is it was wet, lights on and wipers going full pelt all the way down to Wolsingham, I tried to used sat nav again and have to be honest and say I gave up, it as normal wanted to much information …….bloody useless thing, if I had that much info I wouldn’t be asking it would I? But as luck would have it I found the meeting place without any snags, mainly because I have been there before.

Introductions where made followed by hand shakes and hugs and off we went, I won’t even try to describe the route (see map above for details) as there wasn’t a great deal to see it was that heavy mist/ drizzle that stops all views and slowly but surly get you wet and so it stayed for the morning .

On leaving the sleepy town of Wolsingham we found that the ground was wet, now I mean really wet and of course muddy, to be expected I suppose at this time of the year, but I cant remember the ground being this waterlogged and I have been around for quite some time now &  I will admit that this did cause me some concern, I don’t mind getting wet or a bit of splodging threw muddy patches but once aging I was having problems with my arty leg , my seal in liner was split and letting in air , the foot was buggered but worst of all was the hydraulic  cylinder was leaking oil , I had been to my limb centre but it was a case of waiting for the parts to come in before they could fit them so today could be the shortest walk in history if the cylinder decides to pack in all together , as it was it all held together but the cylinder is now wound right the way round to max so its just a matter of time before it gives up & the steady supply of leaking oil will run  out.

As it was there was one point that I had to stop and strip down to my undies to sort the leg out ……………sorry about that folks but in my defence I did warn you all and I had clean undies on .it was a very quick job as there was a load of geese heading our way and you can never tell what they had there eyes on ……….I mean those beaks can give a very nasty peck

Getting back to the walk, we slogged and splashed our way up to someplace (it might have been some place high) but as we couldn’t see I couldn’t tell you then a keen eyed member spotted a break in the clouds in the far distance with bright sunlight streaming through, then right before our very eyes we where bathed in full daylight and the clouds disappeared taking with them the miserable mist / drizzle, what a difference all in the space of a few minutes. Lunch was had by some old brick wall; I think that this was due the fact that there were a few stones to sit on so we didn’t get our bums even wetter. then we where off again , I did take the opportunity to have a quick look at my GPS  and was shocked to find that we had walked over forty seven  miles so far today ( I had left it switched on from the night before) and so have a lovley route of my drive down to Wolsingham duh !!! Me and technology!

The rest of the afternoon was a great fun as we picked up the route again, the ground was seriously water logged and even now I can’t understand how I did not slip over!  But that’s what I keep a change of cloths in the car for. My arty leg kept up with me no problems and once again I forgot about my leg troubles and simply enjoyed the rest of the walk. Of course the company was brilliant and walked at a pace that I was able to match without having to push myself then suddenly we where back at the car park and the walk was over, muddy gear was removed and then it was off to the pub for a well deserved drink and good and fitting way to end a great days walking …thank you all it was a great day.

As normal a few photos

A rather posh looking tree house that we past


The gang heading off up the road


Yep a fair amount of water running down the trod beck?


Smile please


Up someplace muddy with the locals


Did I tell you it was wet and muddy?


At this point I don’t know where I was but was happily following the person in front.


Not sure what we stopped here for, maybe to admire the views


But you can see something every now and then


And we are off again along what was once a nice grassy track

Then suddenly on the far horizon, bright light


And smiles all round.


The views start to open up a bit


But still a lot of mud to get past

And finally a good track to walk along ……for a short while

Looking down at Tunstall Reservoir


On our way down lots of wet places to get over, once again I surprised myself by not falling in.


Heading towards Tunstall house farm


Looking up the reservoir (it wasn’t dark I just had the wrong setting on my camera)


One of the locals (on a different note I was pleased that I had my shorts back on when they showed up)


Taken from the car park (I tried for a bit of an arty shot here)… failed again!


Some more of the locals


Looking across the reservoir


Looking back down


Charging across the dam


Looking down the weir


The valve house


Looking down the reservoir again


Last look back


Heading up again


Looking across towards Wolsingham


Old ruin at Park wall?


Heading up to a huge stile to cross over the wall.


Old ruin

Me trying to do an arty farty shot ……………..and failed


Now on the Waskerley Beck, showing signs of flood damage


Small waterfall sorry don’t know its name or even if it has one


Close up

Now back at the car park, an arty leg shot for my leg lady (prosthetist) Karen I bet you’re pleased that I clean it up a bit before I bring it in eh?

According to my GPS thingy we did about 9.6 miles with 1261 ft. of the ups and downs a great day out made better by the company.


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