DATE                     27.09.17

DISTANCE             7.2 MILES





I had done something really stupid the day before when I was out walking the dogs , I decided to “boot” a tuff of grass to try to remove a lump of mud that had built up on it , the result was as I kicked it I managed to twist my knee and all I will say is that it hurt , to such an extent that I had to sit down on the ground and hold my knee till it stopped hurting , I believe wimping would be a good word to describe how I behaved , I was just pleased that there was no one around to see me in such a wimpy state , as it was I am sure that the pup’s had a snigger at me and the offending tuff’ of grass just stayed as it was as if to say “mess with me and suffer “so yet another one of life lessons learnt and that is don’t try to kick tuffs of grass if you have got a poorly knee . Or you can but don’t be surprised if it hurts.

Anyway that was yesterday and I was delighted to say when I woke up my knee wasn’t giving me any bother so …………(mick has a think) why not have an easy day out walking someplace , a quick check of the weather didn’t look brilliant but it wasn’t bad either so why not . Naturally I ran this past Bob dog who straight away agreed as long as he got his roast beef treats for lunch , I did ask both Flynn and Munchy but they informed me that it’s starting to get to cold for them , so that was it just Bob and me , gear was sorted and thrown into a rucksack and we was off with just one stop at the sarnie shop to get my normal sarnie plus the roast beef for Bob dog , now I don’t know what happened in the shop but bob got about four slices of beef instead of his normal two which would prove to be a nice surprise for him .

At this particular moment of time I still hadn’t decided were we would be walking for the day , Bob dog suggested heading up to Low Newton for a day along the beach , so that was it all decided (Bob dog can be very smart at times)

Bob dog ….very smart dog (sometimes)

Parking was at Dunstan Steads, gear was sorted, Bob dog took point and off we went, our route for the day (basically making it up as we went along) or Bob leading and me following was along the edge of the golf course then onto the coastal path to Low Newton by the sea then staying on the path head to “Football Hole” one of the many small bay’s that mark this section of coastline then head back along the beach to Dunstanburgh Castle were we would have a looksee then head back ( see map above) The plan was to call in the Ship Inn  and treat ourselves to something tasty and a nice cup of coffee , but when we arrived there it was full of other hikers so we gave it a miss.

Where are all these folks coming from?

I can’t really understand were all these walkers come from I mean does no one work anymore? , I never had this problem a few years ago, but recently this pub is always full. But being the intrepid explorers that we are we still had our food (and Bob’s roast beef) and I had packed my jet boil so today we found lots of nice spots to stop and rest.

Good spot to stop for coffee and treats

And each time we stuffed our faces and made fresh coffee using the jet boil (yes we know how to live it up) and basically that is how the day went , just a nice easy chill out day mooching along the beach and coves , I was hoping that we might have got to see a seal as they are quite common up this stretch of coastline , but unfortunately that wasn’t going to happen today , we walked about 7.2 miles all easy so I didn’t expect any problems and was pleased to say that I didn’t experience any , my new knee the Orion3 did what it was supposed to do but today there was no hills or even rough bits so it wasn’t really a good test of things , no today was just one of those nice relaxed walks that we all need every now and then .

As normal a few photos:-

 Heading onto the golf course looking back at the castle


Walking alongside the Embleton Burn


Coffee time


Embleton Bay


The wildfowl reserve


Bob dog having a pose on the seat


Heading past Low Newton by the sea

Looking back


Now back on the coastline


Looking at a small section of Beadnell Bay


Snook Point


The tide is right out at the moment


Bob waiting as we head back towards Low Newton


A few photos showing the exposed shoreline



Back on the beach at last

Old ww2 gun emplacement

Good spot for another coffee break


Looking back along the beach


Time to leave the beach and get on the coastal path


Last look back


WW2 pill box with the castle behind


Bob dog


Strange rock formation


A few photos of the castle as we make our way around it


Looking down the coastline towards Craster


Heading back now


A couple showing the strange rock that’s dotted all around here