DATE                           25.10.17

DISTANCE                  7.6 MILES

WEATHER                  BRIGHT BUT COOL



For today’s wander me and my trusty dog “Bob” would be heading up to Allen Banks for a wander along the river, I have been up this way several times in the past doing the “normal route” so today I wanted to have a mooch around and see what we could come up with, nothing set in stone and nothing too difficult as I am nursing my knee trying to get a bit more out of it without doing any more damage. And of course I was hoping to capture the autumn colours with some of my photos.

I know from my earlier trips that the trees and woodlands around here are second to none so with a bit of luck and a nice sunny day I might get some, Bob dog didn’t really care about the leaves falling, but I have seen him chasing leaves as they are blown along the ground in the wind giving chase and feeling either rather proud or rather stupid when he finally catches them only to find that there is nothing to bite into.

Bob of course informed me that I should pack extra treats for him now as the weather is starting to get that little bit cooler, and to get an extra slice of beef when I get my sarnie from the sarnie shop (I sometimes think that I have spoilt him a little bit too much) and so on my day off it was gear thrown into the car and off we went (stopping only to pick up food), weather wise despite the good forecast it was throwing it down on the drive up but on the horizon (the direction we was heading) the sky was clearing so things looked good , parking was in the main car park at Allen Bank and being a National trust place it cost me a small fortune to pay and what’s more there was no free parking if you are a blue badge holder , I normally don’t mind paying to park here as they do keep the main paths in good repair and the toilets are clean and kept open all year , but at £4.00 I really do think that they are starting to take the piss a bit .

Anyhow it stopped raining just as we parked up, I fed the pay and display machine to get my highly priced ticket, gear was sorted and off we went with Bob dog leading the way, one of the first things I noticed was how busy the place was, there must have been several walking groups all getting mixed up and waiting for others to catch up only to find the people that they were waiting for wasn’t in there group, however slowly and surly by going off on less used paths and tracks I soon found that we had lost the crowds and it was just Bob and me , Bob dog went into his normal mode of running all over the place , sniffing and cocking his leg up at almost everything but somehow always leading the way , as I didn’t really have a set route I just tagged along , every now and again I would call Bob back and give him a tasty treat just to let him know that I was here and not to wander off to far without me.

After an hour or so the last of the clouds had buggered off and the sun came out, what a change suddenly the colours came alive in the trees , if you have never been up this way it is well worth the trip you won’t be disappointed. Yes the ground was wet and still very muddy in places but nothing to get concerned about but it did remind me that if I found a dry spot I would stop and set the jet boil up for coffee.  And so went the day Bob dog leading me following, we did some serious up’s and downs (well they made my lungs feel like they were bursting) and we did slip around quite a bit in places and we found some lovely sheltered dry spots where we would stop for coffee and food . we had one trouble spot when we left the trees and entered a field full of cattle, a few started to take a bit too much notice of us so being the brave souls that we both are decided to follow the fence line round the field rather than just cut straight across so if they got a bit to close we could jump over the fence but as it was we needn’t have bothered as they didn’t chase us but it’s better to be safe than sorry especially were Bob dog is concerned, we “bumped” into some of the other walking folk at various places and chatted away then feeling rather tired I decided it’s time to head back , our route was …….errr see the map about 7.6 miles long with 1423ft of the ups and downs so not too shabby, Bob dog did loads more of course .

A few photos:-

At least the dark sky's are heading away now .


The sun trying to get out

The summer house ? (well I think that is what its know as)

The book

A small glimpse of things to come?

Crossing over the river Allen looking downstream

A bit further along (somewhere near plankey mill)


I don’t know what to call this rock but it’s lovely to look at


A few photos of the river Allen as we make our way along


Very old lime kilns



Bob leading the way (I just hope he knows the way back)


Last look at the river as we are about to leave it for a while


And heading up there somehow


Old farm building


A promise of the colours to come?

Bob dog sniffing around


Well look at that Bob dog has got me to Staward Gorge


And just look at these views, there is a very muddy slippery path that I have got to get down but it will be worth it.

Info board


There isn’t really that much left now


Bob dog exploring the ruins (what’s left of them)


Now back at the bottom of the gorge (I’m still alive after a very slippery path down) bob dog leading the way


Bob dog waiting for me, at this point I let him know that I’m starting to feel knackered so time to head home


A few photos as Bob leads the way back


Now back at the river Allen


The one and only Bob dog


Still leading the way back


Last look before we get back to the car park



Home gear sorted, Bob dog fed and watered then a hot bubbly bath for me , much to my joy I didn’t ache at all ………………shit spoke too soon and after an hour of sitting down watching tv I could hardly move at all much to my better half amusement , so it was a hobble upstairs to bed for me . Waking up in the morning I had to swallow a groan as I tried to move but as normal once I got moving around things got sorted and it wasn’t that bad. My knee had a dull ache but then it always has a dull ache nowadays so that was good that it hasn’t got any worse , my stump was good and once again my new Orion 3 knee had impressed me with how it had performed during the day sooooooo I will write this up as another good day



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