DATE                       err we think about 21.08.17

DISTANCE               we don’t care

WEATHER              well it didn’t rain

START / FINISH     our van at Byrness


Well after another night of snoring on the big bed with Mick and Yvonne I felt rather reluctant to get up when they did, already Bob and Munchy was mooching around in the van looking for the treats that I had hidden but little did they know that I had hidden them under the blankets on the bed , so all in all I felt quite smug , and thought about snuggling down for a few more zzz’s  or at least till mick had cooked breakfast and there was some tasty sausage or bacon ready for me err did I say me I really meant us , when suddenly both Munchy and Bob jumped up onto the bed and attacked me , err Bob I thought that you was going to have a lay in I barked after all Bob had been out with Mick the day before on a big walk see  HERE  for details , but no they were both set on getting me up , come on Flynn time to get up said Yvonne so reluctantly I jumped down and went outside to watch Mick cooking breakfast , we was staying on a small caravan site in some woods

The view from our spot

Someplace nr Byrness, I must admit that I liked it here, we could come and go as long as we didn’t wander too far plus the van was right by the river so we could go and paddle if we wanted.

A good place for a paddle

And the best thing of all was we was right in the woods with so much to see and do , yes we liked it here plus we had Mick and Yvonne all to ourselves for a few days without them having to dash off and do jobs and boring stuff like that , well Mick had to cook on the BBQ and we really love it when mick cooks as he always does extra tasty treats for us , anyway we was all laying around watching Mick cook breakfast when he told us that today we would all be going on a walk to look at a small waterfall and Yvonne would be coming as well , Great we all barked we simply love going on adventures and raced around whilst keeping an close eye on Mick ……after all we didn’t want to miss breakfast would we , anyway after a very tasty breakfast , Mick threw a few things into the rucksack ….err don’t forget our treats we barked ……………….like I would replied Mick and off we went ,

Looking towards our van

 I heard Mick telling Yvonne that we wouldn’t be walking far but that didn’t bother us and charge off we went.

Mick led us to a small farm.

Small farm and the start of this adventure

where he found a path that he was looking for and off we went looking for a small waterfall known as Hindhope Linn, naturally we raced off and played, we also had a good check of things, you never know what you might see or smell, Bob was busy tell us about the deer that he saw the day before when he was out with Mick and so we was hoping that we might get to see some, we saw a few red squirrel’s but they raced off up into the trees when they saw us . every now and then we would go racing back to see how Mick and Yvonne were doing after all we didn’t want to lose them …….well they did have all the tasty food in the rucksack then before we knew it we found the small waterfall , naturally Mick took a few photos and suggested that we all follow a different path back , well after a few miles Yvonne wasn’t impressed with Mick choice as she expected a short trip back , Mick just smiled and suggested that he didn’t relies that it was quite so far , of course we didn’t care as we was running and playing then stopping to sniff at all the different smells .eventually we made our way back to the van and guess what it was nearly tea time.

Back at the van

Boy was we all hungry so after a big tea we all settled down before our night time walk before bed , yes we love going away in the van ……….I wonder were we will go tomorrow ?

Any way a few photos:-

Looking back along the path towards Yvonne


The small waterfall or Linn as it’s known

Mick trying to get smoky water shot whatever that is.


Getting up close, we all kept a close on Mick here because it was very slippery


What is he doing now?   Sometimes I really do worry about micks mind


Last look back


Mum (Yvonne) on a small bridge, she thinks that we are heading back now, soon that smile will be gone from her face


Big log stuck in the stream I bet it would be good fun to try to free it


This is a great place to explore so much to see and sniff


Yvonne leading the way back (she thinks)


Can you see us? We are waiting for Mick and Yvonne to catch up


A couple of photos of this little stream


Waiting on the steps for Mick to catch up


Another small bridge to cross


Looking back on our path


Something smells lets sniff around for a bit


The path back to the camp site ….we made it