Well it’s that time of year again, where it’s time for the scores on the doors and a time to look back and think about the last year naturally being a sad old git my year had been dominated by the fact that after 12 years I still haven’t got used to the fact that I haven’t got a left leg and my life seems to revolve around getting out and about into the wilds and my Arty leg.

Once again it’s been a bad year for me walking wise , Now I have to be honest and say that it was all my fault and as much as I would like to blame “other stuff” I am going to be honest and put my hand up and say it was all my own fault , yes I had zillions of knee and cylinder failures which really stopped me getting out and about into the hills , then of course I started to gain weight especially around the stump which meant that for the first time in years the socket  became uncomfortable to wear , which cut down my walking even more which lead to even more of a stump change which lead to …yes you guessed it the socket getting very painful ( a bit of a vicious circle forming here)  and it wasn’t till I could only wear the socket for twenty minutes before it became unbearable that I gave up and went to see Karen at the limb centre .

Karen of course took one look and set about getting me sorted and so after much hard work on her part I walked out the limb centre in a brand new socket and a completely new Knee. Due to the amount of problems I /we had been having with constant failures of the kx06 it was decided that I would be switched to the SENSOR knee, I have to be honest and say I wasn’t looking forward to the change over, but something had to be done and it seemed at the time a good close match , after a few trial walks and a bit of tweaking with the socket I have finally got back to the stage where I feel confident enough to venture out into the fells again , the only problem is my fitness has totally gone and its taking a lot of time and effort to slowly regain some level of fitness (however low) and of course the cold short winters days don’t really help but so far the Sensor knee is proving to be up to whatever I require of it , but is it as good as my old kx06 knee I hear you ask , well to be truthful its different , some good some bad and I believe it’s far too early for me to do an honest comparison test.

Other stuff I finally plucked up courage and started to walk within a walking group, which I do find enjoyable even though I do struggle to keep up, I’m not sure at this stage if it’s because of my fitness levels or the Sensor knee just can’t make that extra bit of speed that I need, however through the walking group I have met up with some great people and have enjoyed getting out with some of them for smaller more chilled out walks and if all goes well hopefully there will be a lot more next year .

So what’s on for this coming year? , to start with I’m going to keep it simple , I want to just sit down  on some distant fell and watch the bright green grass shoots leave the ground as they start to grow this spring time , I also want to watch the bud’s on trees spring into life , listen to the burn as it makes its way down the valley ,

Peacfull days

Nice shady places to rest

I want to be there as the fern grows and covers the trails , as the tree provide nice shady places to rest , to look at the burn that is almost dried up in the summer heat, then during the autumn I want to be there when the fern and grass turn brown and has a white frosty covering , I want to watch the leaves as the turn from green into a wonderful display of autumn colours , I want to hear the rushing of the water as it run’s in full flood down the valley.

The changing of the seasons

And finally I want to be on that distant fell when everything is covered in a white blanket of snow and the burn is frozen and there is nothing but silence as the sun goes down

Snow coverd fells

With the sun going down


In other words I want to be out on some distant fell as the seasons change or for as much time as possible not rushing to get from “A” to “B” as quickly as possible but simply just chilling out making the most of what nature has to offer , I suppose what I really want is to somehow slow my life down a bit because as it is all I seem to do is rush around , no this coming years I will slow my life down .or that’s my plan.

Time to slow things down


So the final scores only 171.81 miles walked with boots on out and about in the wilds, like I said not a good year and I can’t be arsed to work out the up’s and down’s, of course I have walked a lot more when I am out and about with the Pup’s so it isn’t as bad as it looked anyway a small photos slideshow with a few highlights from the last year with some cheesy Christmas music, enjoy:-