The scores on the doors for 2015

Well it’s that time of the year again when I sit down look back over the walks that I have done and decide has it been a good year or a bad year, a sort of scores on the doors if you like sadly I know that this year hasn’t been as good as what I had hoped it would be …….. I got off to a bad start or should I say a slow start as I was recovering from a Knee Arthroscopy operation, ( )something that I should have got done months earlier and saved myself a lot of trouble, but being the complete dickhead that I am I suffered in silence and it wasn’t till it became almost impossible to walk that I finally went to the doc’s to get it sorted , fortunately the good old NHS came up trumps and one x ray and MRI scan later I was on the waiting list then because the Gods really love me I got an cancelation and got into hospital for the op in almost record time, my recovery went as good as expected ..Naturally not as fast as I wanted it to but then I am a shit patient.

Once I was up and sort of mobile I decide to join a Facebook walking group …IWALK’S and had a few good walks with this group of people, they walk at a nice relaxed pace and it’s all about having a good laugh and I have to admit that I do enjoy getting out with these people, however with my problems that I have been having with my Arty leg and the little things like not knowing the route I have found myself struggling at times  to keep up , I guess that I am better off on my own rather than a group , that way I pick the route and if one bit is overgrown I can reroute myself , likewise I can stop as and when I want rather than waiting for the group to decide and of course I still have the problem of where I have to stop to do a stump check , this is where I stop drop my shorts and remove my arty knee to sort things and stuff out , naturally I think nothing of it but stopping and dropping my shorts in front of a group of ladies  just isn’t done.............. even if they pretend that they don’t mind or are too polite to say anything so I think that unless I improve which is hardly likely I will sadly have to cut down walking in groups which is a shame because I really do enjoy the banter and the laughs.

I have been out a few times with other people and on a one to one basis, things seem to work out better for me but at the moment I am such a slow walker it must be hard for them.

So it seems that I am condemned to be billy no mates for most of my walks .well not on my own because I do get to take the three pup’s out with me and they are great company even though they drive me to distraction at times with their antics


Downside of the year : I guess it must be the amount of breakdowns that I have suffered on my arty leg and the time that it takes to get it fixed


plus I have been having some nerve problems so it hasn’t been one of my better years but I am getting on in years  and seem to have more aches and pains even when I wake first thing in the morning ,( I suppose I should be thankful that I do wake up in the morning) , one other small thing that made a direct impression on my walking was work , I got taken off shift and was put onto day’s  that really cut into my days off and so restricted how much free time I had to get into the hills .

Highlights, when I think about it I have had so many…….. just getting out for one of my daily dog walks along the coastline or along the rivers always brings a smile and I suppose even if I haven’t clocked up many miles on my big day walks I must have walks zillions of miles because me and the Pup’s must cover a few miles each day .

Once again we managed to sneak away in our van for a few trips away and I got to walk in some wonderful parts of the country and even managed to put a bit of my bad past away to bed to be replace by a much better memory:-


 Naturally I got rained on when I went up High cup Nick . :-

it didn’t matter but one day I will get there on a nice day when the sun is out, I did get to walk a difficult route down in Swaledale which was very rewarding :-


and did give me a feeling that there was still hope for me to get out and do some more changeling routes but sadly things didn’t work out like I would have hoped anyway the scores on the doors :-

Distance walked is a paltry 169.4 miles and I can’t be arsed to work out the amount of up’s and downs...sorry