DATE                        20 .08.17

DISTANCE              4.5 MILES



Seeing as we were away with the van staying at the Forest View camp site it seemed a pity not to make the most of our location and have a few wanders starting  (and finishing if all went well  ) at the camp site …….makes sense really doesn’t it , however due to the fact I had been a complete dick head I wouldn’t  be wandering far as I would have liked because  I had managed to split the skin open on the load bearing part of my stump, now rather than take care of it I chose to “just get on with things” and what started as a small tear had quickly got much deeper and had somehow managed to get infected and was now rather red  ,swollen, sore and rather  messy looking with some smelly pus leaking out , of course by this time I had realised the error of my ways and was busy doing my best to sort it out with the use of loads of some sort of medical cream , plasters , tegaderm and just about any other thing I could throw at it to help make it better , but the damage had been done and I was forced to take things easy and even then it didn’t take much for the skin to reopen and rub the wound red raw. (Mick now makes a mental note to sort things out before they become a problem) (Again).

Strange thing was the last time we stayed at this camp site I was broken as well, I had just been operated on and I was here to recover and found myself with limited mobility …funny old world isn’t it when you think of things like this coz here I was again years later and still broken ………….However not wanting to miss an opportunity to get out for a small wander , I had packed out the wound on my stump so it would take a small nuke Bomb to shift it so I should be good for a few hours provided I didn’t do anything stupid and  I had a wish to go and have a look at The three Kings stones and a gentile wander along what should be good forestry tracks .

And so gear was sorted, I informed my better half who gave me some brilliant advice of “don’t overdo it” (as if) and so I and my trusty Bob dog set off.

My route was pretty simple, slow wander along the forestry track and somehow link up with the footpath that should take us up to the king’s stones and then just sort of make it up as we go along anyway for the route have a look at the map above.

All was going well, my new knee the Orion3 was still preforming very well, I had been back to the limb centre and had a few settings tweaked since my last walk and hopefully I shouldn’t be fighting it so much when it came to any downhill steep sections, however I wasn’t planning on doing anything rough today ……………….famous last words eh?

Looking back at the van

After a while we linked up with what I thought would have been a well-used footpath heading up towards the king stones.

The path heading up towards the stones

However part way up the path simple disappeared and we was left to our own devices to find the stones, in fact where the trees had fallen and a few small landslides had totally wiped out any traces of what used to be a good path and so with Bob dog leading we made our way uphill heading towards where we thought the stones were , at one stage I even had to check my trusty GPS  to take a bearing because we had been forced so far out of our way ( well it seemed that way at the time) however we burst out of the trees into a small clearing and there was the stones just as I remembered them.

First sighting of the stones

 Bob dog wasn’t really impressed and decided to christen not just one of them but cocked his leg on all of them as he wandered past them  ( I’m not really sure if this act warranted a telling off or not as I’m not really sure about these stones)

Info board

From this clearing I decided that there was no way that I was going back down the route we had come up and so using some serious navigating skills I made for another forestry track that wasn’t that far away , as it turned out this was a good decision as it was easy walking along the rows of trees until we burst onto the road , then I simply followed Bob dog who was leading the way and didn’t look lost in the slightest , somehow Bob dog lead us into what I think was an old stone quarry or something then right in the middle of nowhere we found an old snowplough just left abandoned.

Old snowplough front

Strange things you find in the middle of a forest eh?

Still following Bob dog (hoping that he does knows where he is going) we wandered along forestry track , all easy and slow walking then the heavens opened up for about twenty minutes solid and it threw it down , waterproofs were quickly put on and we disappeared under the trees to get some shelter , but it was coming down that heavy I thought that we would drowned and so we hugged the biggest tree we could find , Bob dog was picked up and snuggled inside my coat to try to keep him as dry as possible and we waited it out , Bob dog informed me that it was just a passing shower and it would blow over in ten minutes give or take a few minutes ( yes Bob dog is very cleaver about stuff like this ) and so we settled down to wait and sue enough as quickly as it started it stopped and we set off again we couldn’t have walked more than 10 meters and we bumped into a wooden shed.

Old shed

 If only we saw it before the rain we could have sheltered in there ……………..I’m certainly getting things wrong today , still following Bob dog we entered cleared sections of the forest and got some pretty good views.

The views start to open up


Still a bit wet in places

Then things went badly wrong as the forestry track got smaller and smaller and more and more overgrown until we was standing in waist deep grass.

Err! Where’s the track gone?

Once again the GPS came out and after a chat with Bob dog we decided to “cut across” to the next track, this proved to involve a lot of sweating as we forced our way across seriously overgrown undergrowth literally picking each step as we went, one good thing was we met up with a Deer.

Hello ……….can you tell us where we are?

Who was that surprised to meet us I managed to get my camera out and snap a few photos before it buggered off, then after what seemed like years and years we burst out.

Bursting out onto yet another overgrown track

Onto a forestry track (if slightly overgrown) It was hard going getting here and even in my beat up stage I was still very impressed with how the Orion3 knee had behaved, it had performed very well under some serious conditions, Lunch time was approaching Bob dog informed me and so we made our way to the small ford on the river Rede near Byrness.

Lunch time

Were we both had a well-deserved rest and food, naturally Bob woofed his down and helped me with mine.

After a very well deserved rest I decided to call it a day and head back following the forestry track back to the camp site, my stump was starting to let me know that it was pissed with me and was getting quite sore when I walked on it ……….so much for taking it easy today, this proved to be my best decision because I was feeling very sore by the time we got back to the van.

Our Van a very welcome sight

Once back at the van &  gear was sorted (and coffee drunk) a quick check of my stump showed that it was very red but that was all , I think another mile or so and I would have destroyed all the new skin that had grown over the wound so it was hot shower and to chill out for the evening :-

As normal a few photos:-

The river Rede


Heading towards the forest

A bit overgrown in places


The start of our path


Heading up towards the stones


Bob dog mooching around the stones


Info board


One more look


Heading out towards another track


A stack of cut down trees (long forgotten)


I think that this must be an old quarry


Trees that have been blown over


It’s a bit wet in places after the downpour


Now we get to see some great views


Bob dog waiting for me


 Nearly clear of the undergrowth


Bob’s found a lunch spot


And a drinking spot for himself


Just playing


Crossing over the river just before the campsite


Day after thoughts:-

One hot shower later and a chilled out evening without the leg on allowed the swelling and redness to get back to pre-walk conditions so all good (well it wasn’t good but it could have been a lot worse) and come the morning I could get arty leg on (with plasters etc. ) without too much discomfort.