Well it’s that time of the year again where I write up the “scores on the doors” for the year, not really sure what I can or should say about this year’s walking, yes I am very pleased on how my ability is coming along but I still feel it’s one step forward one step backwards at times but according to my walking logs I have walked about 269.5 miles on my days out so I shouldn’t be too hard on myself , I suppose more importantly I have started to venture a bit further a field and because of this I have discovered some wonderful places that are dotted around the north east .

Problems .yes I have had loads small problems, mainly with my skin breaking down, but using my super tried and tested patching up system this isn’t as bad as what it was last year, of course I have got my new Micro leg … the smart adaptive made by Endolight which is way better than my starter leg, but unfortunately I have had a lot of problems with the electronics in the knee and have spent a silly amount of time going backwards and forwards to the limb centre to get that sorted , and sadly to say I know that the problems will continue  but there is nothing I can do about that but live with it.

Walking without my hiking poles has improved my core strength  no end  but the down side is  it means that I walk a lot slower  that isn’t  a problem as such but it could become a problem if I ever want to start to walk in a group ….but that’s something for the future .

Highlights and downsides of this year:

Downsides ……… I don’t really want to say too much about these as it is still early days and I have still got sooooo much to learn about this limbless business but I have to say that I can’t help but feel disappointed at times, for example on a trip to Linhope spout, I had a really good day, no problems what so ever but I couldn’t help but remember before my accident I would walk up to Linhope spout and stop just to have a drink and a few photos before moving on and it would only take me a hour if that then I would be off to some distant fell’s for the day , whereas now just getting to the spout and back takes all day and I’m still finding it really knackering … but like I said no point in dwelling in my past achievements or comparing them to the present

Some highlights: nothing to get excited about as such but I have got a great deal of pleasure just getting to some of these places, weather it is mooching around an old ruined castle / Mine :-

or sitting by a small  waterfall along some river :-

or even just walking from one end of a sandy bay to another:-

As sad as this makes me I really do get a lot of pleasure form just getting out there someplace , in that way I feel very lucky that I have been given this chance to get out and see more of this wonderful country we live in and more importantly I really do appreciate it , and I am actually starting to get excited about where I might be able to go next year , I really want to start to venture further afield ……..who knows the Lakes ? Or the dales? Who knows where “Arty” leg will take me next year……………as they say watch this space

Thank you

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