DATE                          19.09.17

DISTANCE                   3.6 MILES

WEATHER                   BRIGHT AND SUNNY




For today’s wander I would be taking advantage of the good weather forecast and the fact that we (Bob dog and I) were still living in our van at top secret location that wasn’t that far away from the starting point and do a small ish wander starting at Wooler common and getting to the top of Humbleton Hill .

Naturally I ran this past Bob dog who informed me that it sounded like a plan but insisted that I packed extra tasty food for him as well as a few treats to munch on the way round so that was it all sorted . Gear was thrown into the car, Bob jumped in and we was off. due to the secret location of our van it didn’t take very long before we pulled up in the car park at Wooler Common , gear was sorted and off we went , our route for today (see map above ) was basically a very easy wander around the side of Humbleton to we reached the “back” then head up to the hill fort at the top at 298 meters it’s not a big hill to climb and the path up is a very easy route up , but once you get to the top the views can be pretty impressive but if you look towards the Cheviots its gives you a tantalising view of what is waiting for you should you choose to go further into the national park .

The views


Bob Dog like myself has done this little walk several times and didn’t waist a second before he was off bounding around, running over to say hello to other dogs that were out for their morning walks, this area is quite popular with the local dog walkers and Bob being the sociable dog that he is has to go over and say hi to everyone , I knew once we left the common area we would be mostly on our own so I was content just to take my time getting stuff ready whilst Bob did his civic duty and greeted everyone , of course he is a small dog and can turn on the charm and it wasn’t long before someone asked if they could give him a treat , I did think about saying No but I think it makes everyone happy so why not . eventually I caught up and it was time to head off and with one call Bob came bounding along to take point and basically run all over the place , I knew later on we would be entering a field with sheep in so it wouldn’t hurt for Bob to run off a bit of energy now , Bob of course is very good around sheep and will often return to my side and walk next to me without being told when we get near sheep only to go running off once we are past them , of course being so small I often wonder if the sheep actually see him , either way I don’t have to worry about sheep ,

Some of the locals

Cattle on the other hand can be very tricky and as a rule I go out of my way to avoid them and when I can’t avoid them I take as many precautions as I can to avoid any problems , which brings me to today’s problem , I knew that when we descended the hill we would be entering an area were cattle were roaming about , of course there range is huge but I really didn’t want them to be anywhere near our path on the way down , of course these cattle are used to people and dogs so they shouldn’t be any problems but better to be safe than sorry , so I would be keeping an eye out for them today and adjust my route accordingly. As it turned out I needn’t have been worried today as we gave the cattle a huge wide berth. anyway getting back to the walk despite the rain the ground around here was remarkably dry which made the paths a joy to walk along, a nice cool breeze and a clear blue sky made things feel just right, my new leg or should that be  the new knee the Orion3 with the new foot has been working very well for me and today I was hoping that I could push things a little bit harder and faster especially when coming to any downhill sections without buggering up my real knee so that was part of the plan today as well.

Bob dog was racing all over the place, he was really enjoying himself, so much to see and sniff plus it was nice and dry, however he did drop back and walk by my side when we encountered sheep.

Bob dog racing around

As it turned out the sheep wasn’t bothered by us at all, in fact at lunch time I thought that they was going to join us, getting up to the summit took a bit of effort and lots of rest stops as my lungs seem to have packed up working half way up, however once we did get to the top we was greeted by some magical views, then we met up with a couple who very kindly took a few photos of me.

My new friend


Coming down off the summit caused a few problems to start with until I started to work with the knee and let it do its thing, the hydraulic cylinder really does help by acting as a break and slowing the speed of the knee bending, it’s just a case of trusting it and getting it to work at the same speed as what I wanted to descend, however about a third of the way down we did start to get our act together and it made things so much easier , plus I noticed that the cattle were miles away so I didn’t have to bother with them , there was a couple of places where the steepness of the hill changed and caused me a few moment of concern , but by adjusting my speed and giving the hydraulics on the knee a chance to get its act together did help …….I guess there is going to be a long learning process with me and this knee , but I have to say that I do like it . anyway we made it down without any real problems and headed back to the car  feeling rather smug with how things had worked out , we had only done about 3.6 miles but it was a good day , Bob of course did double or even treble that distance.

A few photos:-

The views as we leave Wooler common


Looking towards Humbleton Hill

Old truck on its side (used for storage by the farmer?)

Getting closer

Looking down the side


Bob dog waiting for me

Heading down an old track now


Looking up at Humbleton


Not sure what this old building used to be but over the years the ivy is slowly taking over


Bob dog waiting for me to catch up


Looking back at a couple of “ponds” I don’t know what their purpose used to be

Bob dog he simply loves being out


Nice easy walking along this grassy path


Some of the locals in front


They don’t seem to be bothered by bob or myself


Looking towards Gains Law and Harehope Hill


Starting to climb now, looking back


Yep up we go …pant pant!!!


Bob dog making it look easy


Looking down the side


Looking towards one of the stone outer rings


I think that I am lying down at this point


Still heading up looking down the side


Getting closer to one of the outer rings


Made it, Bob inspecting the wooden seat that appeared

A couple of photos showing the view


Bob dog


A couple more of the views


Yours truly


A few more photos looking all around


Heading down you can see the path down

Part way down


Made it, looking back up

Last look back as we head to the car


 Day after thoughts.

None really , it was a very easy day , I got on very well with the Orion3 knee , my real knee didn’t ache any worse (or less for that matter) and I had no stump problems so all in all it was a good day