DATE                        18.09.17

DISTANCE                2.8 MILES

WEATHER                WET AND DULL



Today’s wander was a spur of the moment thing, you know when you suddenly great a great idea and just have to act on it, well today wander was a result of one of these thoughts.

We were away in the van again staying at a small farm near Ingram (and that’s all I’m saying about this site and location its hard enough getting booked up on this site without me letting you all know about it)

Yvonne had already returned home with both Flynn and Munch’y dog, leaving me and Bob dog alone for the rest of the week and so I thought why not have a wander and see, what I was thinking of was to head up to Old Bewick, park up and head off onto the moors and have a look at the old ruined farmstead of Blawearie and then mooch around some of the Cup & Ring marked stones, explore the old hill forts and maybe see if I can find Cateran’s Hole again. I found this hole / cave many years ago and thought that it might be nice to see it again. (One day I will get round to posting about this walk…sometime) so that was it all sorted, naturally I went over the walk with Bob dog and he didn’t care one way or another, the only trouble was the weather, we had been having some serious rain none stop for the last week or two so I was expecting the ground to be a bit “wet” in places …..Boy did I get that wrong, it must have been raining none stop for the last year or so however we didn’t know this at the time.

It’s a bit wet and slippery on this track

So gear was sorted , and off we went , there is a well-used farm track that we would use to get to the ruin of Blawearie but once we got on that I knew things wasn’t going to be that easy , it was muddy , the slippery sort and we both found ourselves slipping and sliding all over the place , and to say it was wet was an understatement , I seriously was thinking that I should have brought flippers , and of course going up the hill was hard work , then just as things couldn’t get any worse it started to rain.

Here comes more rain

You know that heavy rain that seems to get in every nook and cranny, being summer (yes honestly) I didn’t pack my normal waterproofs and just had a lightweight shower proof jacket on (I am certain that there is a lesson to be learnt here) even Bob dog looked wet and bedraggled.

One wet and bedraggled Bob Dog

However we was on a mission and spent silly amounts of time jumping across big muddy puddles trying to avoid the worse sections , after what seemed a life time we arrived at the Blawearie and I did my best to get a few photos , It surprised me how much the ruins had changed , or had they? After spending ten minutes or so mooching around and snapping off photos I decided that I would look at the photos from my other walks up here and see.

It was still raining at this point and looking up at the clouds it looked like it was in for the rest of the day so we decided to call it a day and head back, we hadn’t come very far but I knew we would end up just getting soaked and muddier if we carried on, it’s no fun so we retraced our steps and started on the muddy return.

We hadn’t got far when we met up with a local shoot, they had driven up in there 4 x4 vehicles and if the track was bad coming up it was ten time worse coming back down, these folk had chewed the track up and where they couldn’t drive across they simply went around chewing the side of the track up just adding to the mess.

Yes it’s going to get messy

It took us ages of skidding and mud stomping to get back down to the Old Bewick. Gear was dumped in the boot of the car, Bob dog was towed dried then it was back to the van, where we both had showers to clean up. Then I had to clean up my gear ,Not the best of walks but I felt quite pleased with how the Orion Knee behaved with all the slipping and sliding that had been going on.

We walked about 2.8  miles, not far but due to the weather it seemed pointless carrying on

 As few dull photos

Looking up towards the top of the hill, there is an old fort up there but I don’t think that we will get up there today


First sighting of Blawearie (taken at max zoom)


Getting closer


Even where the track has been patched up its still a mess

Bob Dog looking a bit damp


After much puddle jumping we made it


And it’s starting to rain again


The old ruin farmstead


Going mooching around


One of the locals taking shelter


Mooching around


At this point I decide that we will not go onto the moors


Old steps going?

Heading back up to the ruin


A couple more photos


The local shoot


A break in the rain


Heading back down


Looking back


Next shower heading my way


Our route back down


Yep it’s bleak today


No we won’t be going up there after all


Heading down to Old Bewick


The locals


A bit on the early side for x mas decks

Day after thoughts

None really the walk wasn’t long enough to get any problems, my real knee seemed ok despite the slipping.