DATE                    18.04.18

DISTANCE            4.6 miles

WEATHER             Dry and warm

START / FINISH    Thrunton woods car park


Today I would be heading out for this year’s  first full day’s  wander with all the boy’s , Bob , Munchy and Flynn, as you know Bob always joins me for full day walk’s but both Flynn and Munchy don’t really like being out when it’s cold and wet so during the colder winter months they just get there normal “dog walks” (sometimes they are not even keen on them) However the weather has warmed up , most of the ground has dried up so it was time for us all to get out .

Naturally I wanted to go someplace nice, where there would be lots of stuff for them to mooch around at and play plus I wanted someplace where I could make it as long or as short as required, I decided on Thrunton Woods mainly because we have been there before and they always have a fun time plus the forestry track would make for dry walking.

My other Problem (if that’s the right word) was Munchy during the winter he somehow managed to catch HGE and nearly died info: - Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE)   here are few, if any, HGE warning signs. It is not usually accompanied by a fever. Diarrhea containing bright or dark red blood is the illness’s signature symptom. Vomiting, which usually accompanies the diarrhea, typically begins as mucus or bile and then becomes bloody. Affected dogs may eat grass and vomit that as well. Because HGE in dogs can be fatal, prompt veterinary care is essential. Patients are not usually dehydrated when first examined, but dehydration can develop quickly, leading to hypotension (low blood pressure), an elevated red blood cell count, shock, blood clotting problems, or kidney failure.

With Munchy being such a small dog it was touch and go for a few day before we finally got the all clear call from our vet, so after weeks / months of slowly building his strength back up it was time to see how he was, I had noticed that even now he seems to be knacked come the early evening whereas before he would be racing around and playing so today I would be keeping a very close eye on him and making sure that he didn’t over do things and if worse came to worse I can always pop him in my rucksack and carry him back (like I have done in the past when he gets a bit tired ) , so it was gear sorted and a quick drive up to Thrunton woods for the start of today’s adventure , with the one stop on the way at the sarnie shop to pick up my sarnie and of course three lots of roast beef slices for the pup’s ( nearly bankrupting myself in the process).

Much to my delight I found the car park at Thrunton was empty so I could let the boy’s out whilst I sorted my gear out and got my boots on, normally they get a bit load if I don’t let them out straight away so that was good, then we was off, the first thing I noticed was the “new sign” with loads of info on plus a warning about harvesting going on.

Info board

But to be honest I don’t really take much notice of these signs they seem to put them up then forget to take them down when they have finished plus using a bit of common sense around the areas where they are working is all that is required, any way once clear of the car park I let the boys run around , naturally Bob took point racing all over the place with Munchy and Flynn just mooching around with the odd burst of speed when they think Bob had found something nice to sniff or dare I say it something to roll around in .

Like I said I had no real plans for this walk just going wherever the track took us and all was well, we had several stops (rest stops) where I would get my jet boil out and make coffee.

Coffee time   

And get some treats out for the pups when I noticed that Munchy simply didn’t look to good he had a sort of sad face.

 Munchy not looking happy

And spent his time just sitting next to me , seeming as it was nice and warm I decided to let him rest up and see how he was a bit later.

Just sitting down next to me

This seemed to do the trick and as we set off again he was back to his old self , lunch was  extended just because it was warm and we wasn’t in a rush to get anyplace and I thought that it would give Munchy a chance to rest up a bit more but after lunch he didn’t seem like he was enjoying himself so I decided then and there that we would head straight back to the car by the shortest route , at one point I picked him up and carried him but he wanted to be down and walk alongside me and so that’s what we did , Bob and Flynn spent their time racing all over the place with Munchy joining in every now and then , we had a few more rest stops normally in the sun so I knew that he wasn’t cold and I did try to pop him in my rucksack.

Munchy in the rucksack (from when he was younger)

But he was having none of that then we was back at the car , Munchy was picked up and lifted in and straight away he snuggle down in his bed and went to sleep . I must admit that I felt a bit sad with the thought that he hadn’t fully recovered .who knows he might never get over his bout of HGE, I know that it had knocked him for six and he wasn’t fully back to his old self yet so I will keep an eye on him it just that he always loved his day trip adventures, we walked 4.6 miles all slow and easy something that he has been doing on our normal doggy walks during the day , perhaps he needs a sleep (he normally has one after his morning , afternoon and evening walk ) but I will sort something out for him even if it means I pack a small bed for him to snooze in for an hour whilst we all have a sit down .

Anyway Bob and Flynn had a great time and are looking forward to their next walk.

By the time we got home I’m pleased to say that Munchy was back to his old self of causing trouble and mayhem and was back to chasing the fat pidgins out of the garden plus play fighting with Bob and Flynn.

As normal a few photos from today

And we are off!


Heading down a new path


Sheep in field hum tasty! Nom nom



Munchy up in front (even now he doesn’t look his normal happy self)


Bob is up there somewhere mooching around


Bob at a small unnamed pond? Asking can he jump in?


Please let me jump in


Sorry Bob it’s really a stinking boggy pond …and if you go in you WILL be bathed tonight at home


Looking up at Thrunton Crags


Bob licking his lips thinking about lunch time

Rest time Munchy having a sit whilst Flynn has a sniff around


Bob coming back to check up on his smaller brother


Flynn having a look at Munchy as well

Munchy just sitting / resting


Flynn sniffing around

Bob looking concerned


Flynn thinking that he has found something


Still following his nose


Looks like we are getting near where the trees are being cut down


I decide to head back our route is in there


Bob scouting the route


Not sure what this was, will mooch around another day


Munchy out in front but he doesn’t look right


Sandstone boulders

Our route up


 Munchy rushing back to let me know we are near the top (he’s feeling a bit better now)


Looking back down


A few photos from Thrunton Crags as we make our way back to the car


Last photo as the car park is just round the bend

Day after thoughts

This trip wasn’t about me it was all about the pup’s and Munchy in particular, I am pleased to say that he was fine once he had a sleep and was back to his normal self that evening, I will be taking them all out again soon, but will keep an close eye on Munchy I really hope that he can get out again for full day walks with us all ………..but I really don’t want to exhaust him so only time will tell













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