DATE                             17.09.17

DISTANCE                     3.7 MILES




Seeing as we was staying in the sweatbox at our favourite top secret site and it was Just Bob dog and myself it seem a shame not to make the most of the weather and have a small wander out someplace this afternoon, Naturally I asked Bob dog what he thought and as you might have guessed he was all for it. So it was a simple case of throwing a few things into the ruck sack and we were off.

After all the rain we had been having I thought about a small stroll to Linhope Spout might be nice and with the weather being what it was there shouldn’t be that many people out and about , normally when the weather is good and it’s the week end it can get quite busy at the spout , so that was it sorted , of course it did mean that Bob dog would have to be on his lead for a short while whilst we walked along the small road into Linhope but I thought that I would keep that to myself as I didn’t want to ruin the surprise .

So it was gear thrown into the car, Bob dog jumped in and we was off for the short drive along the Valley to Hartside (which didn’t take long at all) parking was on the grassy verge then it was boots on and off we went Much to Bobs dismay I had to put him on his lead for a while but he seemed happy enough as long as I kept it long , but once I realised that no one would be using the road I let him off after he agreed to stay close , it didn’t take long to get to the small hamlet of Linhope then I let him run free but as normal he kept quite close just sniffing around the edge of the path .

Rather than make this a straight walk there and back I thought that we would wander along the track down to the Linhope Burn was then follow the burn to the top of the spout and mooch around from there, then after a few photos we would head back using the main route and that is what we mostly did.

We did catch a few heavy showers, you know the type, suddenly appear, very heavy then they bugger off just as you get your waterproofs on, and much to my amazement we bumped into several dozen walkers ….so much for my “it will be deserted “and we all shared the fact that despite the rain the spout wasn’t really in flood, after a few photos we set off back to the car, just getting back as the heavens opened up again

Not much of a walk but something to blow away the cobwebs on an afternoon.

A few photos

Taken from the car looking towards Linhope


Looking up towards Dunmoor Hill


Same again just a bit further along


Approaching Linhope


Looking at the Linhope burn


And one of the farm buildings


Now out in the open


And the rain starts (again)


Looking down towards the burn, time to follow it to the spout


Some of the locals

Err it’s a bit overgrown in places


Bob dog having a sniff


Our chosen route that’s us across this

Bob dog waiting for me as normal


Getting closer


And the sun try’s to put in an appearance


Looking back along the burn


And we have got to get past this


Made it Bob dog at the top of the spout


Bob dog having a pose for the camera


The spout from above


Looking down


Looking from near the base


So much for having the place to myself


Taken from a bit further along


Our path back takes us in this


Looking back its starting to look crowded


Looking up towards the great Standrop


Heading back towards Linhope

Looking across towards a distant Hogdon Law


Back at the car just as the next shower starts



None really as this was just a small afternoon stroll