DATE                           17.06.07

DISTANCE                  5.49 MILES

WEATHER                  HOT AND SUNNY



Well this could go down as one of the quickest write ups that I have ever done err Where to start?  In my early days when I started to walk again  I used to keep a written dairy with all the details in about each walk , you know distance , why , what when , how etc. etc. and over the years I have gone back to the dairy and put it into this format along with the photos and thus created this blog , well today 20.02.18 I have come to read up and convert tis walk and all I have written is , had a good day with Yvonne , took a picnic and blanket and had lunch / tea on beach , beautiful day and that’s it so let’s get straight to the photos , most of which I am certain Yvonne took as they are mostly of the small but beautiful flowers that are scattered around this area and no I haven’t got a clue when it comes to naming them …enjoy

Looks like we are off and judging by the photo the weather was really good


Looking back to where we left the car at newton links


Yep, flowers or are they weeds? If you know drop me a line



And some more (at this point I am certain that Yvonne must have had the camera




Up close


Looking to where the Brunton Burn runs out to sea at the bird sanctuary


Same again, there is a foot bridge where you can cross over


Grass (even I know this)


Yep another type of flower / weed I really don’t know


Red moth or is it a butterfly or fly?




Having a sit down looking out at the sail boat


Looking towards the lime kilns at Beadnell harbour


Now on the Beach looking towards the Harbour


Looking across the bay towards a distant Dunstanburgh Castle


Lots of sea Gulls


Yep lots of shite hawks


Shadow dog


Looking across the burn towards the “twitchers hut” they section of a bit of the beach each year at nesting time and all gather round doing whatever twitchers do


We are heading to the footbridge to cross so we don’t disturb the nesting birds


More flowers, (Yvonne must have the camera again)


Looking across , sadly that lump of sand dune that stands on its own has now gone over the years the tides and weather have helped wash it away, pity it use to make a nice place to stop

And this is?


And this?


Small jelly fish yes we did pick it up (very carefully) and put it back into the sea


And off it went (well it went someplace don’t even know if it was alive)


And that’s it. I think I can safely say that we had a good day / afternoon