DATE                     14.10.17

DISTANCE              6.93 MILES




We were away in the Van again staying at a lovely site near Powburn.

When I was sitting outside enjoying the last of the daylight and I noticed that  I could see the top of East Hill, this triggered some rather pleasant Memories that I had from an earlier time in my life when things seemed so much simpler ………….or where they? Do we look back with rose coloured glasses all the time? , anyway in my earlier life I had spent quite a few hours at a time sitting on top of this hill waiting for the wind to either pick up, settle down, calm down or just do something, yes this hill more than any other was where I learnt to hang glide and believe me when I say I have some very happy / excited memories about this hill. Just sitting there got me thinking ……………..why not put a wander together where I could fit in a wander up there , of course I did think if I did get up there could I see the van (why I don’t know) , after all it’s a huge hill but only a little van and my eyes aren’t as good as what they used to be , so that was that sorted tomorrow walk would take in East hill at some point , naturally I ran this past Bob dog who agreed that it seemed a brilliant plan as long as I packed his treats and something tasty for him to munch on , Bob dog simply loves this area with all its easy “ well drained” grassy paths and sheep trails to run and play on he really is in his element

Nice grassy paths for Bob dog to run around on


 There was just one small problem and that was cattle , I know from other trips around this area that there are cattle that roam around these hills , but I figured that if I could spot them I could easy avoid them by simply going around the hill on the other side , or over the top or even do a huge circle around them , as long as they weren’t on top of East Hill we could “work around them” of course they might not be bothered by human’s and dogs but I would rather be safe than sorry so that was it all sorted as for the route went.

Cattle to be avoided

I had a good idea in my head and I do know the area quite well so I figured I would just make it up as I go along and see how things worked out.

Come the morning, gear was sorted and thrown into the car for the short drive to the start point (I really don’t know why I didn’t start from the van), Bob dog was asked to walk at heel for a short distance at the  start of the walk which took us out of the visitors car park at Ingram along to the farm track where he was given the nod to run free , of course there are sheep roaming around these hills but I know and Trust Bob dog not to bother the sheep.


Normally when he see any that are in our direct route he will either sit and wait for me to catch up and walk alongside me or will retune and walk past them with me , he has always done this from an early age so I have no fears about Bob dog chasing them.

Anyway with Bob dog doing his own thing (which is basically running around, sniffing and cocking his leg on almost every tuft of grass we pass we set off) we headed off up the long uphill track that took us out of Ingram and onto Wether Hill with its hill forts (a few bumps and raised grassy mounds) from there instead of heading off onto one of the many hill fort trails we headed back down to the base of the hill then up onto the side of Old Fawdon Hill , on reaching the top of Fawdon Hill (after catching my breath) I noticed that we could see Cattle mooching around , fortunately there was enough room to go around them by ducking down the other side of the hill and keeping out of sight , from there (see map) it was up onto West hill (another hill where I spent a fair amount of time learning to Hang-glide )

Lunch was had in a nice sheltered spot , bob Dog woofed his treats down then helped me eat my lunch then we was off again this time heading along the hill top to East Hill.

At east Hill we sat down and finished the last of the coffee ( well I did , Bob dog just has water ) then I thought that as I could see our van (a tiny white dot ) I thought that if I jumped up and down and waved like a mad man.

Looking at our caravan site (taken at max zoom)

Yvonne might see us and wave back, of course she couldn’t see us and after a few minutes I realised that I really am making a bit of a fool of myself, fortunately no one was around so no harm was done and we made a u turn and made our way back down the hill to Ingram and back to the car, we walked about 6.93 miles with 1321ft of the ups and downs.

A few photos:-

Taken from the car park looking up the valley


Heading up the farm track again looking up the valley


Looking the other way towards East hill


Still heading up looking along Ingram valley


Looking towards the dip between Old Fawdon hill and West Hill


Looking across towards the top of Old Fawdon Hill


Same again but from a bit further along


Time to cut down now looking up at my route (once out of the Fern)

Made it much easier going now


Looking back


Bob dog waiting for me to catch up


Our route

Trig point on Fawdon Hill


Time to head down towards West Hill


Getting closer


Bob waiting for me


Looking across towards Ingram


Time to start climbing up again


Looking back to where we was earlier


Part way up west Hill looking back (we missed the cattle)


Bob once again waiting for me on West Hill


The view at the wild fowl ponds


Ingram Village (what we can see of it)


Coming down off West Hill looking towards East Hill


Some of the locals


Looking towards our caravan site


The small stone cairn & looking back at our route today


Time to head down to the car park now

Last look back at our route for today



Heading down now


Looking up Ingram Valley


Nearly back at the car last look at the hills we have just walked along




None really , it was back to the van , sort gear out ,shower then food , after a good night’s sleep I woke up with no aches or pains , my stump was fine and my real knee didn’t ache any more than what it did before so I will mark this up as a success