DATE                         11.05.17

DISTANCE                About 4.7 (we did lots more)

WEATHER                Bright and sunny

START / FINISH       Roadside parking in Seaton Sluice


Well it’s a cold wet grey day today and I have got nothing better to do than snooze in front of the fire so I have decided to write up another “Pup” report as it’s my turn about one of our walks with did with Mick.

Where to start err!!! I know!!! Both Bob and Munchy had just had their hair cut the day before , of course being a smart dog that I am I don’t need any haircuts because my hair stays short , of course I still have to have the “bath and shampoo” something I don’t really like  but at least I don’t have to get cut , anyway Mick came into the garden and shouted for me , I was laying in the shade as it was a rather hot day , Hey Flynn go get Bob and Munchy and we will have a nice walk along the burn where you can all run and play in the river to cool down if you get to hot , Ok Mick I woofed back and raced off to find them and get them ready , err Mick I woofed don’t forget the treats will you , Mick just smiled and went to get things ready , I found both Bob and Munchy mooching around looking at their reflections on the fridge door , hey you two baldies micks taking us out I shouted at them , Great they both replied and went racing to the front door , a few seconds later Mick turned up with the doggy bag (full of treats and water we hope) and let us out , of course we raced up the garden path and stood by the car waiting for Mick to open the door , we didn’t wait long and before we knew it we was all settled down and we was off , Mick was taking us to the Seaton Burn for an afternoon walk , it’s nice and shady with lots of places where we can got paddling if we want , plus there is a lovey grass field that runs alongside the river where we can race around and play or just sit down and chill out with Mick for a while , we have found on these afternoon walks mick just seems to let us do what we want which is great , of course we had lots of Doggy friends that we hoped to meet and say hello to . it didn’t take long before we got to the parking place and with the final words of “be good” mick opened the door and “charge we was off” we raced we paddled we had play fights and sit downs, it was a lovely afternoon and there was no rush to get back home so we did more or less what we wanted to of course we made sure that we got back home in time for tea , anyway I wish the weather was nice and warm today just like it was in the photos  enjoy :-

Looking along the Seaton Burn we are heading off that way


An old boat that got sunk ages ago, sometimes there are wooden things (artwork) attached to it


Bob and Munchy having a sniff (we do a lot of that)


I think that I had better have a sniff as well just to see what it is


Looking back, if all goes well we will play in the grassy flood plain on the way back


Don’t know Mick took that photo (he is a bit strange at times)


Munchy leading the way to an old pond, boy is it hot today


Bluebells in flower


A nice spot to have a paddle and cool down


More white flowers

Me and Munchy checking out the white flowers they are wild garlic (Mick knows nothing)

Bob he has been scouting out in front, he thinks because he is the biggest he should lead the way


Me and Munchy waiting for Mick to keep up sometimes he can be really slow


More photos of the bluebells that covers sections of the banks around here


Wait I see something


Something moved in there …charge


Err!!!! Where has it gone?


My bum ….really


Time to get off the path and onto the grassy field


Charge lets go, we love playing along this bit


Bob and Munchy I think that they want to have a sit down and chill out for a while (and get treats of course)


All of us are now waiting for Mick to catch up


Here this looks a good spot for a sit down and rest


Looking towards the harbour


Looking back


Munchy has found a stick




Bob showing off his new hair cut


The path leading to the Harbour


Me (Flynn) having a good sniff


A quick look at the boats in the harbour then it’s back to the car and home for tea


Thanks for reading and we all hope to see you out and about sometime. now i think that i will go back to the fireside and have a snooze .