DATE                         11.04.18

DISTANCE               7.42 MILES





Once again I found myself with a day off, a well-deserved day off even if I say so I the only trouble was where to go? , somewhere along the line I seemed to have lost the ability to just grab my gear and go someplace,(old age creeping in?) so I needed a plan , and after much head scratching I came up with “let’s have a look on face book and see if there was any walking groups heading out for the day” and as luck would have it “I walks” had a walk planned so why not join them , so after one quick PM thingy times and meet up points where sorted and that was that , I have walked with this group several times in the past and always have a good time , they are a “let’s take our time and get to see things and have a nice chill out time ” rather than let’s get round the route as quick as possible type of walking group which suits me right down to the ground plus it’s nice to speak to folk every now and then ( I can’t believe that as a real grump I just wrote that ) but yes it is nice to meet up with old friends and say hello to new ones , as they say there are no strangers when you are out walking just friends that you haven’t met yet.

New friends?

My one small problem was Bob dog , he was still really pissed with me for not taking him on the last walk so despite it raining nonstop for the last 24 hours I decided to take him and see how things worked out , I know that he is fine when he is running around but it’s that time of year when the lambs are out , I trust him 100% but let’s just say things can get a bit tense when folk see dogs off the lead around lambs and so I would be putting on his lead as and when the situation required it which meant he would cool down and I know the ground would be soaking so he would be , to help me with this I decided that he would be wearing his coat ( I know that he really doesn’t like it and will try to roll in anything smelly just to get it taken off ) . Naturally once I informed Bob that we would be heading off in the morning for a wander he was over the moon and I found that I couldn’t move without Bob moving alongside me (he certainly wasn’t going to be left behind this time) and yes he did remind me to pack his treats and get extra roast beef for him when I got my sarnie made up.

Bob mooching around in his coat

So come the morning, a dull grey misty day we found ourselves driving up to Coanwood using the sat nav with the post code provided by “I walks”, if anyone reads my blogs you will realise that my last walk was up this way but this time we would be heading off in a different direction and I would get to see the impressive Lambley viaduct from the ground up rather than the top down, something I was looking forward to.

Looking at the Viaduct from below

Thanks to sat nav we found ourselves at the right place at the right time (which always helps) and quickly got our gear sorted, the weather was dull and grey with a bit of drizzle in the air but at least it wasn’t raining, I said my hello’s to the other walkers both old and new (with a few hugs thrown in for good measure). AZ our walk leader ( if that’s the right term) handed out a few maps for anyone who wanted one with the route on , myself I had already uploaded the route onto my GPS  that sat ticking away in my rucksack “just in case things or I went tit’s up” I went through the normal routine of letting AZ know that if I couldn’t  keep up just to keep the group moving , he of course said he would but we both now that we are both going through the motions , I know and he knows with this group no one is left to struggle or finish on their own which is the way it should be.

Then we was off our route for the day was (see map above) started off with a small wander along the road till we crossed over the river (South Tyne ) which mean Bob dog was on his lead (not a good start) but I have to admit that Bob does walk on his lead very well now then at Lambley Farm we turned off onto a footpath that run along the river , this entailed walking along a well-drained grassy field the only problem was in some of the field there was sheep with lambs with them so poor old Bob dog was on and off his lead like a yo yo.

Mum and little ones

But he didn’t seem to mind , at several place the path was close to the river and I would hate to think of what would have happened if the river was in flood as it was the path stayed out of the river and all was good , we passed Featherstone Castle on the far side and snapped a few photos off , then we entered a small section of woodland and to say it was a bit wet and muddy in places would be an understatement , but it’s what we all expect for this time of the year after all the rain.

Then it was up a lung bursting short climb up away from the river and onto a small track at Horse close where I just about got my lungs working again, from there we passed a war memorial

War memorial


(Memorial for James Hope Wallace, who died in WW1) link for more info: -

And off to the farm at Kellah, making our way across some serious wet muddy ground (we loved it) Bob dog was in his element running around saying hello to old and new friends, lunch was had near the Kellah Burn (I think) where once again I was spoilt by scones, cake and bisects (thanks Karen & Pauline xx) then we was off again, (I will admit that I had trouble getting going again)

Lunch spot

From there it was onto another farm Batey Shield where I made friend with two young lambs just to show Bob dog that I can make friends.

See I’m not such a grump …Bob looks on rolling his eyes

Then we was on part of the Pennine way heading towards the Hartley Burn from there the ground was totally waterlogged as we sploshed our way across the moorland, my new boots decided that they might stop water getting but nothing was going to stop the water flowing over the top of my boots and filling them up and so for the next mile or so I was squelching with every step.

On the Pennine Way


Slowly we made our way down to over the Black burn where things seemed to dry up a bit , from here we had a small section of the A 689 to walk along before we cut of along a well-used (dry ish) footpath down to Lambley and the impressive Lambley viaduct , slowly we made our way along the well-used path down underneath this huge viaduct , this is the first time I have seen it from underneath and I have to say that it is an impressive bit of engineering , AZ quit rightly so , called a tea break and we all sat down for tea / coffee under this huge bridge , lots of photos were taken , then it was time to cross the South Tyne and an easy walk back along the river till we cut up onto the south Tyne trail for the last bit of this walk .

Looking at the viaduct


I will admit I was starting to feel a bit tired by the time we got back to the car park, we had walked 7.42 miles some of it easy going some of it very muddy some of it rather scary going down some very serious banks but crossing over the moors was hard for me as I couldn’t really use my arty leg because of all the boggy grass and so I had to swing it around rather than walking , but hey it was worth it , this area has some really beautiful hidden gems and on a hot sunny day I bet they would simply shine out and I will admit I would like to return to this area and spend a bit more time just mooching around I get the feeling that its old and there is a lot of history just waiting to be found , once again big thank to AZ for leading this wonderful group and big hugs for the rest of the group , I had a great day .

A few photos

Heading down to the river


The group and we are off!


Crossing over the Black Burn (I think)

Locals keeping a close eye on us


Hartley Burn?

Looking across the South Tyne at Featherstone castle


Bob waiting for me on the path along the Tyne


Some vegetation showing how damp it is here

Looking down the South Tyne valley on a dull grey day


Heading towards Horse close

Lambs playing


Looking back


Heading down towards Hartley burn (I think)

A few photos on route


Bob dog checking up on me


Heading towards the bate stop


Looking back


Lunch time


Our leader AZ


A few photos as we make our way along (I haven’t got a clue where these are taken)


Old ruin :- info  (for those of you interested in the deserted farm/barn [High House] we explored yesterday, it listed as post- Medieval (1540-1901) thanks for that Dorothy


Pauline getting up close and personnel with it


And off we go again


Bob on what looks like something off the telly tubbies


Old building


Passing an old quarry with a few bits still around


Lambley church


Not sure what this is / was some sort of sluice way?


Looking down to the Tyne


The Viaduct


Heading back along the Tyne


Old buffer (now back on the south Tyne trail


Info board


Wooden sculpture


Day after thoughts

Home. Bob dog and gear sorted, then hot bubble bath and I felt pretty good, however somehow I had managed to rub off all the skin along the top of my socket without noticing so It was feeling a bit tender, but one good night’s sleep and a few well-placed plasters soon sorted that out, getting out of bed in the morning I did feel a bit stiff and sore, just goes to show how unfit I am at the moment, however once I got moving all was well. So thanks all for a great day