DATE                                 10.10.17

DISTANCE                        UNKNOWN

WEATHER                         MOSTLY DRY


 Well I might as well get this rather embarrassing short walk written up …..Err where to start.

It all started with yet another brilliant idea to have a wander around Allen Bank’s  with Bob dog & Edwina  the intrepid explorer, naturally we had discussed various things like where and when and meeting up times and that was it, all was going very well as we found ourselves driving along quite happily towards Allen Banks the only trouble was somehow I missed the turn off and to make matters even worse I didn’t even relies that I had missed the turn off until I saw the sign saying that we was now in Cumbria , my first thought was “shit” how did that happen , I mean I have been to Allen Banks dozens of times over the years so how could I have missed it , naturally I blamed Edwina for talking so much and distracting me , (I have to say that she replied with a single look that basically said you idiot and that was the end of it) , after a quick chat Edwina suggested that we have a wander around the Talking Tarn Country Park ..That just happened to be right where we was, now I have heard of this place but seeing as I had never been there I thought why not, Naturally Edwina had been here before and sort of agreed to act as team leader, I did run this past Bob dog who was busy snoozing in the back but he wasn’t bothered and so under Edwina strict instructions we found ourselves pulling up into the main car park.

First view of the tarn

Well I think it was the main one coz I have never been here before so I wasn’t sure, gear was sorted and off we went following what basically was a wander around the lake, after having a look at the wooden sculptures.

One of the wooden carvings

Bob dog leading the way , straight away I noticed that even when we entered the trees the paths where excellent and by sticking to the very well-marked path we couldn’t really get lost , in fact our route took us around the lake so no one could really get lost.

Well maintained system of paths to follow

 It’s not a place that I would normally even think about but it is very nice, lots of wild fowl just swimming about.

Some of the locals

lots of dog walkers about all with friendly dogs who Bob had to go and say hello to, then without realising it we was back at the start, however not all was lost as there was a café open so over coffee and cake (yes we did have cake early in the morning thanks Edwina) we decided where to next (remembering my earlier mistake of missing Allen Banks).

A few photos:-

Looking across then Tarn


One of the sculptures


Looking across at the main building (and café)


A few more showing the tarn as we wander round

Trying to salvage some of my pride I suggested Crammel Linn (waterfall).

Crammel Linn

And seeing as Edwina hadn’t been there I suggested a short walk to see it , it wouldn’t be a long walk , but seeing as we were in the area (I think) I seemed a shame not to visit it and so that was the next thing , the only problem was how to get there , Bob dog suggested that I put Gisland into the sat nav and take it from there ( Bob dog is quite smart at times) once we got into Gisland it was a case of following the road up to someplace near the RAF station of Spadeadam and turning off along yet another tree line road , finally I found the small off road lay by were we parked up the waterfall was just a short wander across the wet moors down a steep hill.

Heading down


Still heading down

Followed by another very steep wet slippery downhill bit to get to it. With all the rain we had been having the moors were very wet and we all spent most of our time jumping from one puddle to the next, however the reward of seeing the water fall in full flow made it worthwhile , then we came to the downhill bit , this I managed without too much trouble , but cutting down to the river bank was err well fun wet slippery with water running down the bank made it exciting , however I managed it and was treated to getting a close up of the waterfall.

Nearly there

I have been here before during the summer and it is possible to walk almost behind the waterfall by walking along the exposed rock however there was that much water coming down that wasn’t going to be the case today, after a few photos it was time to head back, climbing up the muddy slippery bank proved to be fun again and I don’t mind admitting that I went onto “4 wheel drive” (that’s where I clamber up using both arms and legs and literally crawl up on my knees) then after another hop skip and jump and much sploshing and splashing it was back to the car across the moors , on the way back I pointed out a few targets that the RAF use in there war games , we saw several make believe tanks and old plane and serval missile launchers , one day (when its dry and warm if it ever gets warm and dry up this part of the world ) and the range is open to the public I would like to have a mooch around this area .

A few photos of this place:

Heading down


Photo that I have played with

Getting closer

Nearly down the very steep bank


Made it to the bank looking at the Linn

Same again


Edwina looking down the burn / river / stream or whatever it’s called


Bob dog just checking things


Up close


One of the locals checking up on us


Old plane

Anyhow back at the car we both decided that it was still a bit too early to head back and decided that we would have a small mooch around Hadrian’s Wall ….after all we are in Hadrian’s wall country (well I think that we are) and so on a whim and a bit of luck we found ourselves pulling up in the Crawfields car park (once again I got it wrong as I was meant to be at Greenhead so Edwina could see Thirwell Castle as well) but seeing as we was here now that was it , gear on and a small walk past the small pond and quarry then up to the wall for a small wander.

Looking at Crawfields pond?

Looking back at the car park

 On the way back we stopped at the picnic tables and made tea and coffee, Bob dog woofed the last of his treats down then it was back to the car for the trip back home.

A few photos from today

At the quarry


A small section of the wall


Up close

Yes one day soon I will have to return to this area and have a day’s wandering


Time to head back for coffee and treats



I dint have any problems after today after all we didn’t cover much distance, but considering we missed our main walk along Allen Bank I still had a good day, I visited places that I normally wouldn’t go, the waterfall in flood made it really worthwhile and I had forgotten how atmospheric Hadrian’s wall can be and what a great walking area it is, so speaking for myself and Bob dog yes it was a good day .cheers