DATE                       10.01.18

DISTANCE               8.48 MILES




For today’s wander I would be meeting up with the walkers from the Northumberland walking group As well as my long suffering walking buddy Edwina and her good friend Jan ,today we was all heading up to Craster for a wander along the coastline and once again I was looking forward to it , due to the nature of the walk I decided that it was time for Bob dog to join us as well But on the condition that he wore his rain coat and didn’t try his normal tricks of rolling in anything smelly just to get me to take it off , he agreed as long as I had packed his roast beef and treats so that was it.

The one and only Bob dog in his coat

And so we found ourselves all meeting up at the pay and display car park at Craster on a very grey dull damp day, just a small point of note, if you are a proud owner of a blue badge you don’t have to pay in this car park which is always nice and I don’t feel no shame in displaying my badge and keeping my cash in my pockets.

For today’s wander Margaret would be “walk leader” and it would basically be a straight there to low Newton for a small lunch stop at the Ship Inn then straight back possible heading back along the dunes all depending on what folk wanted . so that was it gear was sorted , boots on , Bob dog was dressed in his rain coat and off we went , our route (see map above ) was simplicity itself , down into Craster then follow the coastline along , the weather did its best to spoil the day with a dull wet heavy fog that obstructed most of the views.

Dull wet day

But that really didn’t matter, well it didn’t for me anyway, the ground was soaking wet but it was still easy walking but I did notice that I found myself dropping back behind the main group but again that didn’t matter, I think that most of the group just put their heads down and cracked on, the old ruin of Dunstanburgh loomed out of the murky weather looking grey and menacing I snapped a few photos but today I didn’t expect very good results.

Not the best day for photo’s

The area around the Castle was soaking and I noticed that the field once again was doing its best to become a lake.

Not really sure what Jan is up to with the pole, but the field behind is once again turning into a lake

Once we passed the castle it was time to drop down onto the beach, this made for much easier walking as the mud was quite slippery in places.

Now on the beach

 Bob dog of course went racing off he loves the beach, from this point we stayed on the beach all the way to Low Newton where we all piled into the ship Inn for refreshment, I of course had coffee and fed Bob some treats and his roast beef doing my best not to be seen by a member of the staff, after lunch it was time to get going again.

Looking at the Ship Inn

The weather still wasn’t great but at least it had stopped raining and did look a bit brighter , our route back was along the coastal footpath for a while then we decided to walk back along the sand dunes , which is really hard work for me at the best of times ,then we approached what is a couple of huge dunes and for some reason that I really can’t think of I decide to try to climb up one , not sticking to a well-used solid path but up on the very lose sand itself , this proved to be a huge mistake but being a complete knob head I kept trying ,at one point I was on hands and knees struggling to move up the dune only to slip back down.

On my hands and knees getting nowhere fast

My lungs where bursting I had spots appearing in front of my eyes , to make matters worse a certain “not so young” lady was at the top busy taking photos and shouting down at me , what she was saying I could really hear as I had a roaring sounding in my ears , What is wrong with me ? I kept asking myself ….…pride, yes pride it’s a funny thing, it will keep you going when you should stop BUT for me it won’t let me make the simple choice of taking the easer path to the top (like I said I am a dick head at times) after what seemed like hours I slowly made my way up the dune and managed to get upright and salvage some of my dignity

Getting near the top


But the damage was done and my stupid pride was shattered, eventually I reached the top and just wanted to lie down and die for a few minutes.

The face that says it all

But somehow I started along the trail sounding like a steam train and I struggled to get some air into my lungs , my eye sight slowly cleared and the load roaring in my ears died away and slowly I started to recover , it was only when I started to feel normal I realised that I had hurt my real knee and I felt sick to my stomach , I mean I had only just knocked back the chance of a total knee replacement because it had started to stop hurting and I had been taking it really easy for months and months and to fuck it all up for a moment of pride , honestly I wanted to cry I am such a fool , still there was nothing I could do I just hoped that I hadn’t done any real long term damage to it , my plan is to live with it for a couple of years before I go into hospital to get it fixed ready for when I retire now in a moment of stupidity I could have blown it .

However deep down I did feel a little bit of pride that I had beat the dune and made it to the top like any normal able person and decided then and there what’s done is done and it’s no good beating myself up about it. However I decided that I would walk that little bit more carefully the rest of the way back and put a bit more weight onto the hiking poles to try to protect my knee from anymore possible damage and so we slowly made our way back past the Castle and back to Craster, we walked just under 8 ½ miles, most of it wet but apart from the big dunes very little of the ups and downs.

A few photos

The harbour at Craster


Looking back


The breakwater




Foam blowing in from the sea

A very grey Dunstanburgh Castle


More foam being blown up onto the rocky shore

The main entrance (shut for the winter months)


Looking back at the cliffs


Strange rock formation


Looking back at the castle with the flooded field


Edwina acting as back marker passing the ww2 pillbox


Time to head down on to the beach


On the beach, very dull and grey not much to see today


After lunch on our way back now

Looking back at the wild fowl pond at Low Newton


Looking across the bay at Dunstanburgh Castle


Looking down to where the Embleton Burn runs out to sea

Same again


Bob dog doing a high speed run back


Heading up onto the dunes looking back


The path we are taking


Sometimes I get things wrong


Dunstanburgh in the mist


Heading down


Looking back


Getting close to the castle again


Looking at the main entrance


Looking towards a misty Craster


Last look back


Craster is there somewhere


Made it back at the Harbour


Two last photos one of me getting close to the top of the dune

Bob dog looking at me with pity thinking my Dad is such an idiot


Day after thoughts.

Home , gear sorted , then hot bubbly bath , my knee was killing me but I decided not to take any pain killers I wanted to see if it got better as I rested it ( hoping for a miracle) it did feel slightly better when it was soaking in a hot bath but that might have been wishful thinking on my part . After a good night sleep I woke up aching all over and my knee really was letting me know that it was pissed with me , time for pain killers I think .( four days later it is just starting to settle down back to a dull ache again) after taking things very easy .

All I can say is lesson learnt.