DATE                         07.02.18

DISTANCE                9.76 MILES




As I had been bombed out by my long suffering walking partner Edwina the “intrepid explorer” who for some reason or another decided to abandon me and cast me cruelly aside I had no choice but to sort something out myself, now normally this isn’t a problem as I would discuss things and stuff with Bob dog and something would turn up, well as normal after a chat with Bob dog he came up trumps and informed me it’s time to get back with the land of living and for me to stop being such a miserable old git and start socialising with folk again and suggested that I contact the Facebook walking group “I WALKS” to see what they had planned ……………….Bob dog is very smart at times (don’t tell him I said so) so after a quick mooch around on Facebook I found out what I needed and sent a PM  off to let them know that they would have a couple of bodies extra if that was ok , the one thing about this walking group is everything is organised well in advance , times , meeting places and routes so the hard work is already done it’s just a case of turning up and having a great day , I should go on and mention that this group is free and run by one of life’s true gents known as Doug so if you want to get out into the great outdoors at a nice easy pace get in contact I recommend it .

The walk that was planned for today was very local for me  starting at Seaton Sluice which made things even better as I know the area, one thing I am still very aware off is that I don’t walk as fast as some folk and I don’t want to hold up the group especially when the weather is cold or wet, but with the new knee  the orion3 I was hoping that it would give that tiny bit more speed without buggering up my real knee which I am nursing along for the next couple of years (well that’s the plan) and so gear was thrown into the car and off we went with the one stop for my normal sarnie and Bob dogs roast beef slices .

Looking towards St Marys light house from the car park

On arriving any doubts that I had soon disappeared as I met up with old friends and was introduced to new members (sorry can’t remember all your names) as Doug wasn’t there I explained to his second in command AZ that I might be a bit slow and not to hold the group up waiting for me and that I might have to cut the walk short if I started to struggle a bit and not to be concerned about me as I know the area ,then we was off, Bob dog wasn’t that impressed as he had to go on his lead for the first section of the walk but once we got clear from the road he was off and had a great day running around. The weather was almost perfect for me icy cold so the ground was frozen solid which help with the mud, I’m not sure if the other folks liked it so cold but it worked out well for me, in fact we had a great day weather wise (or I think that we did) our route for the day (see map) was starting from the car park then heading along the Dene till we came to the old rail line.

Bob dog waiting for us tom catch up along a section of the Dene

Small water fall

From there it was along to Holywell where we paid a visit to the nature reserve (Waterfowl Park)

The nature reserve with a couple of swans


And of course some sea gulls

  From there it was along a well-used path to the church at Seaton Hall where we had lunch.

Lunch spot


 Lots of snowdrops in flower in the church yard


 Naturally Bob dog woofed his roast Beef down and was busy eating his treats like there was no tomorrow , I was a bit worried that he would go off and beg tasty food off the other walkers , but as normal he was quite good and behaved himself , it was at this point that a lovely young lady produced a box of scones and insisted that I try one ………..why am I to say no , then a bit later the same lady Karen came around with a box of homemade bisects and again I have to admit that I scoffed them down and very tasty they was too , so if you read this Karen thank you .

After lunch we cracked on with some of the group heading back taking a shorter route , feeling good after the rest and food  I decided that I would carry on and do the full walk or at least do a bit more before I wimped out after all there are several places to cut it short and head back . Our route took us past Seaton red house Farm.

Lots of horses about on this walk


Then onto Lysdon Farm from there we headed towards the coastline passing many of the old ww2 ammo storage bunkers that are scattered around the fields.

Old ammo storage bunkers / huts from ww2


Once we reached the coastline it was time to get onto the beach for the walk back to Seaton Sluice.

Heading down onto Blyth beach


Due to some serious planning or luck the tide was out and so we all had a wander along the beach, Bob dog was in his element he loves this beach and even though he had been on the go all day he went racing around really enjoying himself, seeing as we were on the beach and there was no chance of him getting muddy I removed his coat something that he was grateful for , I know that he doesn’t like his coat but with his tiny legs he literally gets soaking wet and covered in mud within minutes and I don’t like him cold and wet all day .

The Harbour entrance

Reaching the Harbour somehow the group managed to spilt up some taking the road back, myself I went along the Harbour then “hogged the coastline”  so I could see the wooden art work.

Some of the art work that is displayed around here


 Before making my way back to the car, according to AZ this walk was about 9 miles however my GPS measured it at 9.76 miles, all easy walking at a relaxed pace, I have check my Gps route on line and it confirms that it was 9.7 so I can’t explain the difference.

I will admit that I was starting to feel a bit knackered especially the last mile or so but it had been a great day, I managed to keep up without having to push myself to much, of course walking along chatting to various people always helps past the time and distance, however once home and the gear was sorted and a nice hot soak in the bath I was fine, a very good day and I hope to get out with this group again in the near future

A few photos from today

Looking towards the lighthouse


Looking at the Seaton Burn


A bit of an old ruin


Small water fall with some info supplied by Doug: - First mentioned in Saxon times. At the time of the first census in 1841 a total of 53 people lived in ten houses just feet from the burn. By 1861 the settlement had been abandoned due to the mine being exhausted. Hard to imagine, but the rocks at top of image are where the residents did their washing.... I never knew that and I have been past it a good few times...

Fallen trees


Bob dog waiting for me


The group waiting for everyone to catch up


Tunnel where the burn runs under the old rail line

Part of the “Waggon Way”


Geese in the field

Now inside the nature reserve, I think that this is for the bees


The pond


The one and only Bob Dog


The pond


Inside one of the bird hides decorated by the local school kids


Looking at the Obelisk


Sign on the entrance to the grave yard ……..err grave robbers?


Old farm out building


On the beach heading towards Seaton Sluice


Looking towards Blyth Harbour (there is some big stuff in the Harbour at the moment)


The small Harbour at Seaton Sluice


Inside the Harbour

One of the wooden art work that is dotted around here


The other entrance to the harbour, cut out by hand I am informed


And the workshop


Rocky coastline


Looking at the sea stack in Collywell Bay (Charlies Garden) I can remember this stack being so much bigger when I first moved up into the north east I wonder how many years it has got left before the sea clams it.


Looking back


And finally looking towards St Marys lighthouse


Day after thoughts

Much to my amazement I wasn’t sore in the morning , I honestly thought that I would be stiff and have a few aches and pains but “joy” I wasn’t . My stump showed no signs of wear and tear, no red sore spots or anything and as for my real knee, yes I still have that dull ache but it was no better or worse than what it was before so feeling rather smug about the situation I will write this up as another good day and if any members of I WALKS read this thank you all I had a great day.