DATE                        06.10.17

DISTANCE               7.3 MILES





For today’s wander I decided that I would be heading off to Thrunton woods for the day, I wasn’t planning on going up onto the crags or going mad with regard to distance so I thought that I would take all the Pup’s along, of course when I mentioned it to them they all thought that it would be a great thing to do ……as long as I got extra roast beef for them all and packed lots of treats as well, so after agreeing to their demands that was it sorted , gear was thrown into the ruck sack and with one stop at the sarnie shop were they nearly bankrupted me with their demands we was off for the day .

Parking was in the main car park and gear was sorted out, I decided even though it looked like good day weather wise I would take their coats “just in case” things went “Tit’s up” and with my normal talk of please be good ………which they totally ignored  we were off.

And we are off

Thrunton woods is very popular with both hikers and dog walkers but it didn’t take long before we lost the crowds (well half a dozen dog walkers) and with the Pup’s running like the wind all over the place I decided that I would simply just follow along and see where they would take me today , that was unless they headed to the really wet and boggy section, I personally don’t mind plogging into the mud and water , but I really didn’t want to get any of the pup’s wet or muddy as it doesn’t take much for both Flynn and Munchy to get cold and wet as they have no ground clearance and I really wanted us all just to have a fun day out without getting cold wet muddy and I really  didn’t want any of them to find any fox shit and roll in it …………..and yes I did read them the riot act about what would happen to them if they did but I can never tell if they are even listening , like everyone elts they seem to ignore me at times .

Anyway our route (see map above) was all easy going along well used forestry tracks, there was loads of signs stating that various routes were closed because of harvesting but there was no signs of any work going on anyplace so we (I would blame the pup’s if anything went wrong) just carried on and ignored them, well I do think that Bob dog cocked his leg on one of the signs as we went past but apart from all the trees being cut down we saw no signs of activity .

At some point along Thrunton Crags / Callaly the Pup’s gave me a heart attack when they decided to go right to the edge of the stone cliff and peer over the edge.

No don’t do it

It’s a long drop and so it was with great relief when I managed to call them away from the edge with the use of a packet of doggie treats and I made a mental note to myself not to go this way again phew!! …………I’m getting too old for shocks to my system like this but the pup’s didn’t seem to mind they woofed the treats back and went racing off down the path.

Lunch was had in a lovely sunny spot (with no big drops around)

Lunch time (nice and flat)

And I managed to get the jet boil going and treated myself to a nice cup of coffee in-between feeding the pup’s not only there roast beef slices but most of my lunch as well, naturally I brought their water bowl and a supply of fresh drinking water for them but as normal they turned their noses up and drank out of any puddle they found and the dirtier it was the more they seem to like it sometimes I really wonder why I carry their stuff around.

Sniffing around

After lunch it was time to set off again, no set route just following the pup’s wherever they went, I did note that as the afternoon wore on Both Flynn and Munchy didn’t roam off so far away from me it sign that they are starting to get tired so it was time to think about making tracks back towards the car, I reluctantly called Bob back and set off down the next track that I knew would be heading back towards the car, at one point we all saw a red Squirrel on the track ahead of us and suddenly all three Pup’s went racing off after it , of course the squirrel just run up a tree and sat there looking very smugly down at the pup’s.

Red squirrel looking very smug


 but it gave them an extra boost of energy and for the next mile or so all three pooches went racing into the trees and undergrowth only to reappear a few minutes later a hundred meters further down the track, as we got nearer the car park we met up with other “dog walkers” and the boys had a play with their dogs which is always nice to see.

Then round the next bend was the car, Both Flynn and Munchy didn’t wait around and run to the car, and snuggled down as soon as I lifted them in, Bob on the other hand was still mooching around whilst I changed out of my boots and got things ready for the drive home, but jumped in when called and I did notice that he soon snuggled down for the drive home.

According to my GPS we had walked about 7.3 miles with 1194ft of the ups and downs which surprised me as it didn’t seem that we had walked that far , of course all the pup’s did loads more distance.

As normal a few photos:

Catching some lovely colours as we set off


The boy’s sniffing around


A bit further along, it looks like I picked good day weather wise


The pup’s just mooching around



The views start to open up a bit

Just noticed Bobs head (he is getting a bit too close to the edge)


In fact they all are


Back on the track (away from any steep drops)

A few photos as we make our way along

Big red mushroom/Toadstool?


Looking up towards the crags


Munchy, is getting a bit tired now time to head back


Looking back

Big brown mushroom / toadstool?


And another one


Looking up at the crags


The Cole burn

Heading towards the car park



Home, gear sorted, pup’s fed and watered then hot shower for me, I was pleased with how the day went (apart from the pup’s getting too close to the cliff edge) and didn’t have any aches or pains, my real knee didn’t ache any more or less that what it did the day before so that was all good, as for my Orion3 Knee that one again it just did its thing and to be honest I really didn’t give it any though when out wandering yesterday there was a few downhill sections but they wasn’t steep enough to cause any problems so I just let the knee do its thing without thinking about it so all in all a good day .