DATE                           04.07.17

DISTANCE                 ABOUT 3.5 MILES




Hello Flynn here, and guess what it’s my turn to write up our latest adventure, we had all spent a brilliant night zonked out on the big bed with Mick and Yvonne, of course we had our own beds with nice fleecy blankets to sleep on but one of the things that we like is when we are away in the van once Mick and Yvonne drop off to sleep we quietly jump up onto the big bed and snuggle down with them , they do moan at us about hogging the bed , but we know that they don’t mean it so we carry on .

Anyway as normal when we are away we had a late breakfast, which Mick cooked and he always does an extra couple of sausages and bits of bacon for us which we scoff down our necks .nom nom very tasty it was to.

Then Mick explained that he would be taking us for a different walk someplace we hadn’t been before, Great we all barked and run round like demented dog’s, I had to stop and ask if his knee was up for it because we all knew that Mick’s knee was giving him some trouble and the last thing we wanted was to cause Mick any bother, no it will be fine if we just take our time, ok I barked back I will make sure both Bob and Munchy behave themselves , thanks Flynn was all I got back .

Err when are we going? I had to ask , right after I have finished my Coffee and got the rucksack packed replied Mick why don’t you go outside and play for a while with Bob and Munchy and keep an eye on them so they don’t get into trouble , good thinking Mick I replied and run out to sort Bob and Munchy out.

I needn’t have worried as both Bob & Munchy was sitting by the car door waiting, we all know that if we sit quietly Mick is normally quicker , and to be honest it was a nice sunny day and the grass was nice and soft so I snuggled down next to them to wait , I did roll onto my back and let the sun warm my tummy up and though it would be good to grab forty winks zzzzzzzzzzzzz  Hey Flynn your snoring yelled Both Bob & Munchy who them proceeded to pounce on me and start to bite my leg , right I barked back that’s it and before we knew it we was all playing and fighting and racing round the van like demented dogs again , come on you lot said Mick as he opened the car door , let’s go well we needed no telling twice and charge we jumped into the car and settled down straight away , then saying good bye to Yvonne we set off .

It didn’t take long to get to where we was going not even five minutes as it was just down to the road and before we knew it mick was opening the door and charge we was off running flat out down to the beach at Coldingham Bay, we have been on this beach before but we love it down here, however this time Mick was taking us on a walk down the coastline towards Eyemouth.

Mick grabbed his rucksack and off we went racing down onto the beach , we come down here almost every day and know a lot of other dogs so went racing down to say hello to our friends , I explained that we couldn’t stay as we were off down the coast with Mick for a walk , but said that we would see them sometime then went racing down the beach to catch up with mick , we quickly left the bay and followed the coastal path , this was great so much to sniff and see , we met up with a few other walkers and there dogs and stopped to say hello , after all we are very sociable dogs, Bob of course went racing ahead and checked that the path was ok , in places the fern and grass had grown very high making it very hard to see were we was going , several times we cut down to some sunny sandy bay and would race around whilst mick sat down and rested, of course mick would get a bowl of water out for us at each stop and boy did we need it as it was thirsty work all this running around , eventually we came to a big cliff and Mick told us this is as far as we was going and picked a good spot to sit down and take it easy for a while , there was a small stream for us to paddle in , mick of course had packed tasty treats and so we all had a mini picnic .

How’s the knee? I asked when I saw Mick rubbing it, “a bit sore Flynn I think this is as far as we go and we still have got to get back yet” ok I replied let’s have a rest here as it is a nice spot then we can have a slow walk back when you’re ready .

Looking around I saw that Bob was mooching around the small stream, I think that he was cooling his paws down in the water, Munchy was rolling around in the grass and sun bathing and as for myself I think a little snooze in the sun would be nice and settled down next to mick.

Then after a while it was time to head back , we took it nice and slow as we all noticed that Mick was limping , of course we stopped to mooch around and had an explore around almost everything , we stopped and had several “rest stops” but really I think that they for Mick to rest his knee but it was a lovely day and we wasn’t in a rush so we was happy , every now and then either Bob or Munchy would race off in front then wait for us and pounce as I walked past of course I was ready for them and gave them a playful nip just to let them know that today I was the boss dog then after a couple of hours we was back at the car and quickly jumped in for the short drive back to the van .

Once we got back to the van we all jumped out and went racing off to say hello to Yvonne and tell her about our adventures and ask about tea as well.

Mick sat down and had coffee and informed us that his knee was feeling much better now that he had an ice pack on it, That’s good I barked back, then like Bob and Munchy we all curled up in the afternoon sun and had a well-deserved nap till tea time ………………….Yes we love going away in our van, I wonder what is planned for tomorrow.

Anyway a few photos from this afternoons walk enjoy

Looking down at part of Coldingham Bay


Looking back at the beach huts


According to Mick we are heading this way


Just sniffing around

And down we go across this bridge


Then up those steps


A fresh water stream runs into the sea, we had a drink here and a paddle


Looking back


Heading down to the sea again

Heading to the next bay


It’s a bit overgrown in places


A couple of photos of the bay


Bob and Munchy waiting


Looking back


Again Bob and Munchy, I sticking with Mick today


Big cliff


Bob racing back to say that he has found a path


Still following Bob and Munchy

Me, Flynn


We decide to stop here for lunch, nom nom a couple of photos

Munchy having a roll around in the grass


Me, Flynn checking up on Mick (note the serious face)


Munchy waking up with “bed Hair”


Mick showing his “Arty leg”


Sign post showing us the way back


All three of us checking that we can get back before the sea comes right in


Looking back (we like it here)


Me mooching around on the stony beach


Sniffing around


Rocky cove


Time to head into this


Looking back

Munchy letting us know that he has found the path


Last look back


Nearly back


But first a rest, drink and paddle in here


Back at the Van




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