DATE                       02.07.17 (we think)

DISTANCE               3.6 MILES




Today we was off on another adventure we was told over breakfast we was all going to St Abbs for the day , great we all barked and wagged our tails to show how pleased we were. We have been to St Abbs before and loved it; there is a nice coffee shop were Mick and Yvonne always stop for tasty snacks which means that we always get tasty food as well , plus the walk is brill so much to see and sniff , we know because it is a long walk mick will have his rucksack with him and there is always good stuff in there for us , plus we get to play with any other dogs that we see , and of course the best thing is that we have both Mick and Yvonne to ourselves for the day, so it was just a case of waiting for them to pack stuff and get ready , we decided that we would be good and wait outside so we didn’t pester them , it didn’t take long for them to get everything ready then it was a quick jump into the car and settle down , we know it’s only a short drive to the car park so we knew that we didn’t have long to wait , Munchy was very excited and informed both Flynn and Myself that he was going to run like the wind today , we just laughed , remember the last time you ran loads Yvonne ended up carrying you , I know said Munchy it was great .I wasn’t really tired I just like being carried well don’t overdo it I said ………Ok Bob .

The car stopped and we all jumped out and waited whilst we got put on our leads, we don’t like wearing our leads, but as we have to walk down a little road we have too, however once we are off the road we get let off and charge off we go. We are allowed to run and play but there are huge big steep cliffs that have big drops so we don’t go too close to the edge, and even when we stray to near both Mick and Yvonne call us back …..Sometimes we tease them by going right up to the edge then go rushing away , there was lots of other people out today and so being good dogs that we are we would run off and say hello to them and say hello to their dogs then come racing back , as we had mum with us we had to take our time , but that didn’t matter as there are lots of nice places to stop and wait , mick of course would sit down and get our water bowl out so we could have a drink if we wanted one and we knew that he had tasty treats in his rucksack for us as well , about half way round we stopped for food and a rest , well mum had a rest we used the time to go exploring on the beach or on the rocks , last time we was here we saw some seals splashing around , so we went right down to the sea hoping we might see them and say hello but sadly they wasn’t there today , still not to worry we might see them on our way back , we met up with another dog and had a great time running and playing with him until he had to go with his owner , time for a sit down with mick and Yvonne and maybe a tasty treat and went racing back , it was a lovely day and we all stretched out on the grass after stuffing our faces , then it was time to continue on our walk , I don’t know how far we walked but I know that mum was pleased when we got back to the little café as she was feeling pretty tired .

At the café we all got treated to a nice drink and some tasty titbits , then it was back to the car and the short drive back to the van , where we all had a snooze till tea time ……yes we like going away in the van and just think we will have another adventure tomorrow

A few photos from today ….enjoy

Taken right at the start of the walk looking along the path we will take today

Looking along the cliffs all that white stuff is bird pooh

Looking down …gulp !! It’s a long drop  


Here we are, waiting for mum to catch up

Up close Bob, Flynn and me Munchy at the back


Having a sniff whilst mum makes rude signs at Mick


Come on Flynn


Better not get to close to the edge


Looking back towards St Abbs


Looking along our path today, I’m pleased that Mick has brought food and water


Mum leading the way


Looks really nice doesn’t it


Bob and me (don’t worry I didn’t go to close to the edge)


On lookout duty


Heading down, there are a lot of hills along here


Heading down to a cove where we will have a rest


Time for a rest and paddle


Charge lets race


Me Munchy up close


No seals today


Looking for rabbits


Bob on lookout waiting for mum


Gulp …big drop down

Heading towards the lighthouse


Now heading down towards the lake


Mum leading the way


Looking back


Me playing in the long grass


Ducks….tasty Nom Nom (just kidding)


On our way back


Looks like we have a steep climb ahead


Me Munchy




Last one before we get to the tea shop


Thanks for reading