DATE             01.07.17 (PLUS A FEW DAYS I THINK)




Well I have to admit that Mick managed to fool us today , we had just returned from our morning walk and was waiting for our morning treats when all of a sudden mick told us to hurry up and eat them because we were going off on a trip , what this early I asked , yes Munchy we are off on another adventure , well none of us needed to be told twice and our treats were woofed down in record time ,( it should be noted that the treats are always woofed back very quickly ) and then it was charge to the front door , mick quickly let us out and we raced to the car eagerly waiting for the door to be opened , mick zapped the car and as the door opened we all jumped in and settled down , err Mick haven’t you forgotten Yvonne I asked , mick laughed and informed us that Yvonne would meet us at the van , and so we all quickly settled down as we know mick wont drive until we are quite and then we were off.

We couldn’t help ourselves, how did we miss this? Normally we know that something good is about to happen as we see the car being loaded up or the van comes to our drive, no Mick certainly managed to fool us this time, he is so sneaky at times but seeing as we are going on another trip away we didn’t really care, it didn’t take long for us to get to where the van is stored and sure enough Yvonne was waiting ……Hi mum we all barked wagging our tails , hi boys Yvonne replied bet your all surprised aren’t you ? Well we all had to nod in agreement, Mick quickly jumped out of the car and checked the van out then hooked it up, with his normal saying “keep an eye on the van and let me know if it drops off won’t you “well we think that he is joking …………but as we aren’t really sure we agree to take it in turns to keep looking out the back window”.

We was all dying to know where we was going but didn’t want to ask too many questions , then we heard mick saying …”cu jimmy” and we knew that we was heading up into Scotland someplace , Yvonne of course just groaned at Micks Scottish speaking .

Do you think that we are going to that nice place that we went to last time asked Bob, you know the place …..err no Bob I don’t, Flynn jumped in with the place with the nice fish and chip shop were we got some Haggis, nom nom we all like the Haggis treat, yes that would be good we all agreed then since the van was still following us I decided that I may as well catch up with my morning nap, I noticed that both Bob and Flynn had both snuggled down and before we knew it we was all snoozing.

We woke up with a start and we was going over some bumpy ground , Mick asked me if the van was still there , not knowing if he was joking or not I quickly looked out of the back window and told him of course it was , that’s good said mick I would hate to have to turn around and go find it (sometimes I really don’t know if he joking or not ) so I replied that I would have told him if it dropped off ….o really said mick was that when you were asleep then , no I barked back of course I wasn’t a sleep , really replied Mick so it wasn’t you we heard snoring anyway since you are awake you might as well wake Bob and Flynn up as we are here.

Mick let us out to explore whilst he and Yvonne set the van up, which really means mick does all the work whilst Yvonne just gets in the way, naturally we try to keep out of the way and not get into too much trouble, then before we knew it all was done and the van was set up, our beds toys and chews were set out in the awing along with our water and a bowl of doggy treats, looks like we are here for a while I said to Bob , Great was all I got of Bob as he and Flynn running off to explore the site , once mick had a cup of coffee he called us all back and infomed us it was time to go to the beach , we love this beach there is so much to see and do.

We all had a great time on the beach, then it was getting late so it was time to head back for tea, we spent quite a lot of time on this site and every day we went on different adventures, one day we even managed to get Yvonne to join us for what was a great day doing a lovely walk along the coast, which can be read about here.

Another day we headed off down the coastline and you can read about it here

Of course mick took us out someplace different every day, but the best thing we all like about going away is we get to jump up on the bed and snuggle down when Mick and Yvonne are asleep and of course we get them both all to ourselves so we don’t have to share their time.

Yes we love going away in the van

Anyway a few photos: - enjoy

All of us on the Coastal path


Looking down at St Abbs


Me and Bob getting a bit too close to the edge


Me and Bob on lookout


Me again


Big climb ahead


Bob checking for stragglers


Gulp …a big drop down


A good place for a rest I think


Me and Bob 

Cliffs at St ABBS


Coldingham Bay …..We loved this beach


Waiting by the bridge


Waiting for Mick again


On the Coastal path (where’s Flynn)


Big cliff


Bob racing back to say he has found a good spot for a rest


Looking for Flynn


The one and only Flynn


Me racing back


Flynn having a rest


Me with “Bed hair”


We all see something


We all smell something as well


Must be out there someplace


Looking back, we liked this bay


I’ve found the path back

Nearly back at the car


Our Caravan (we love going away)


The view from our van


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