So it’s that time of the year again, where I sit down and try to put the year into a few words, why? I don’t really know but I guess that I should write something so let’s start on a bright note. This year I became a granddad times two, yes  Oliver (Ollie Dude) burst into the word closely followed by a little Isaac (little dude) a few weeks later, and I am enjoying every minute of being a “Granddad”. And can’t wait till they are big enough to be allowed out with me to play in the river, build dams, get muddy, get into trouble, stuff their faces with all sorts of sweet treats and be sick just as I hand them back. Yes good time ahead.

Oliver aka Ollie Dude

Isaac  aka little Dude

Other good things that stand out my leg lady Karen managed to swing it for me to get a microprocessor knee the Orion 3 and despite my reservations about microprocessor knee’s I have to say that I have been proved wrong about how good it turned out. Not only has it made my life that little bit easier in getting around it has done wonders for my real knee , I was taking a silly amount of pain killers for it and was on the waiting list to get a total knee replacement , however since getting this knee the pain level has dropped down to a dull ache that I tend to ignore and so I have cancelled the operation (for the time being ) the longer I leave it the better things will turn out long term but sooner or later I need a new knee and nothing will change that .

Since getting the knee I have started to get out for small walks again, getting longer and harder as I go but at the moment I am still picking the routes very carefully with one thing on my mind to look after my real knee, Naturally Bob dog has accompanied me missing only one walk where he was confined to the house after being a bit poorly and of course Edwina has tagged along doing her bit for “care in the community” in looking after me.

The one and only Edwina and Rosie dog

I have to give the three Pup’s a mention Bob, Munchy and Flynn have kept me going even when I really didn’t feel like taking them out for a walk as my knee was hurting but by taking them out and enjoying the walk it has enabled me to keep some sort of level of fitness and its always a joy to see them running and playing and of course any dog owner will tell you, it’s so nice when you return home as they always give you a lovely greeting




And I guess that’s about it………Once again the year has flown over despite my best efforts to try to slow my pace of life down (something I seem to have failed miserably on) and I have no plans to make any new year’s resolutions apart from getting a bit fitter and losing a bit of weight as I am now officially a fat porker,

 Something to think about

End of year round up one photo from each walk a utube thingy :-


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